Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Slow down and dress up

I love the dresses in this shop (none of which I'm going to buy, you know why), but my favourite thing is their motto:
"Take time to slow down and dress up." A reminder to stop and appreciate things, to make an effort to enjoy every moment. Maybe I'll dress up for my home cooked dinner tonight.


  1. Given the daily temptations out there you/we are doing brilliantly - there should be some sort of prize for non-consumption (is there such a phrase?):)

  2. Ooh what a great motto! When I started working from home i was wearing sweats all the time, and started to feel so shabby! so now i make the effort to put on 'real' clothes and i feel so much more productive!

  3. ok, now you're just torturing me! and those dresses aren't cheap either! the one i liked was $590!

    if you are able to look at things like this on a daily basis and still not buy, you have an iron will which i am in utter awe of! (tho' apparently it makes my grammar go all to hell.)

    the store motto is indeed excellent. :-)

  4. @ Jan: We defintely deserve a price! We can make one up!
    @Citysage: It's defintely worth dressing up for yourself and for the small things!
    @ julochka: Sorry, Julie! I didn't even look at the prices, I was only dreaming! I definitely don't have an iron will! I really don't feel the need to buy anything on the Internet, because shallow as it may sound, I need instant gratification, so it's only when I'm in a shop and I can take something home THAT VERY MOMENT that I have to battle temptation. I'll only buy something on the Internet if it's something I need or something i've been wanting and researching on for a while!


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