Monday, April 27, 2009

From home to home, making things on the way

I’m back in Oxford from Spain and happy to be home. I’ve come to realize that this is home, after all, even if it may be a temporary one. But I've been thinking a lot of what my ideal home would be like, and will post a list soon! You know we love lists...
Spain was fun, but chaotic and more than a bit stressful, so I’m glad to be back and into a routine that doesn't involve meeting friends for dinner at midnight. I'm exhausted!
My routine will from now on include some dressmaking! My dressmaking course started today and I loved the first class! We are a small group of girls, most of us complete beginners and I think the class is going to be fun. Today, the tutor gave us lots of information on patterns and fabrics (we have to get some for our project for next week), all very, very confusing. We also learnt how to measure ourselves and we all chose what we wanted to make. I want to make something fairly straightforward for this class as I don’t want to get frustrated with it and give up the whole idea of dressmaking (yes, it has happened before). The tutor thought making a skirt would be a good idea, so I’m going to do a full length skirt that I can use for my belly dancing class; the rationale for this decision being that I may not end up with something that I can wear in the street but I hope I’d end up with something that I can show to those who have seen me struggle with my belly dancing moves. We’ll see.
Oh! And my rules for life are up in the Five rules for life blog! Yay!


  1. not sure what I'm more in awe of: dinner plans at midnight, or dress-making! to me, both sound equally adventurous and challenging.
    glad you're happy to be home tho' - so am I! - and looking forward to seeing your skirt when it's finished!

  2. I think the fact that I managed to stay awake for a midnight dinner after years of living in sensible English times is more impressive than my (not very good YET) dressmaking skills!

  3. I envy your energy! Belly dancing, midnight meals and learning how to sew clothes! I feel so lazy now! ;-)

  4. Yes, but I don't have any energy left after all those things! :) I'm a lazy girl deep inside really, I'm trying to overcompensate!

  5. Something involving YELLOW maybe B?

  6. " I’m glad to be back and into a routine that doesn't involve meeting friends for dinner at midnight". I lived in Rome for many years and I remember those late meals that began at 9pm and went until midnight! How do they digest anything?

    Can't wait to hear more about your dressmaking class as I'm considering a beginners sewing course myself.

    Love your Blog!

  7. maybe after your dressmaking course, you can come visit me and help me make sense of the japanese pattern books i keep buying on etsy (before austerity april, of course). because the pictures are pretty good. it's just that my japanese is rubbish...

    your home post is inspiring all over the blogosphere! from texas/belize to finland/south africa/zambia to a coming post from a general scando-land kind of place. :-)


  8. @ The Fragrant Muse, I love Roma, I'd like to live there one day.
    @ Julochka, maybe I'd do a japanese course after my dressmaking course (you know I love courses). Right now I feel like I'll never understand patterns, let alone follow one. So happy about my home post!


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