Sunday, April 5, 2009


Julie, from Moments of perfect clarity wrote a post on third person here, and invited us all to do the same. It's incredibly liberating! If you try it, leave a link so we can read it. Here is mine:

She likes pink, the sea and riding her bike. But sometimes, she prefers yellow, the city and going places on the train. She doesn't believe in horoscopes, but she is a real Gemini. More than two, she has multiple personalities.
She enjoys a good conversation (online or offline) with her friends, but sometimes, she'd rather be alone. Or with a book.
Books are her friends. "Books are not the answer to everything", a good friend told her once. But she convinced her that she was wrong. Of course books are the answer to everything.
She is starting to realize that good friends are difficult to find, but keeps on finding good friends in those that she has known for a long time.
She loves going to the cinema. The movie is not that important. The big screen, sharing the experience, leaving the cinema and talking about what you have just seen. Those things, she enjoys. She doesn't have a TV but she spends too long on her computer. She likes writing, but she can always find excuses not to do it.
Sometimes, she'd like to live in a small house in the middle of nowhere. Others, she dreams about living in New York, London or Tokyo, and never stop doing, learning, seeing.
Her home is in England, but her past, and possibly her future, are in Spain. She lives in two worlds, not the same, not too different. In Spain, people tell her she is very English. In England, everyone reminds her that she Spanish. She likes traveling but she is bored of flying. Right now, she'd like to be back in Buenos Aires, walking around Palermo.
Belly dancing makes her feel better. Coffee makes her feel better. Breakfast in bed, a nice surprise, the sun between the clouds, walking in the park. All those things make her feel better.
She is a hypochondriac, with herself and with those she loves. She worries, all the time, about everything. She doesn't know why she is like that, but she is trying to find out.
She'll be 30 soon. She doesn't feel old, but she's starting to realize that time passes too quickly. It's time to take decisions. Or let life take them for you.


  1. B - even though I know you're Spanish I don't really think about that - you're just Blanca.
    Anyway, don't worry, don't feel old ( a loong way to go to catch me up, and I don't) (well not most days!)
    Nice post, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thanks, Jan! I don't really feel old, just becoming aware that one life is not enough for everything I want to do it! x

  3. love your "this girl" story. these are so much fun! i can relate to the you're so english/you're so spanish thing (only for me, it's of course danish/american.) :-) it's why i end up feeling i'm somewhere out in the middle of the atlantic. for you, i guess you're in france somewhere?! yikes!

    i'm happy you played along!

  4. Yes, yes, yes - to books being the answer to everything, to coffee making her feel better, to finding more and more good friends just as she realizes how hard it is to do. Yes to worrying, to pink and yellow, to small houses in the middle of nowhere. Yes!


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