Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Behind a veil

My belly dancing classes have started again after the Easter break!!! Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy! I'm taking two different classes this term, I'm still taking an improvers class on general dancing technique, and am also taking an intermediate (a big deal!) class on veil work. I really like dancing with a veil. Anything you do looks mysterious and sexy. And of course, the veil can help you cover those parts of the body that you're not supposed to be moving. Although that's not the point of it, of course, don't tell my teacher I said that!
I feel so much freer when I'm dancing with a veil. Belly dancing is not easy, you need to move muscles you probably didn't know you had, and in most cases, keep the rest of your body still (isolation is my teacher's favourite word). It's all too easy to concentrate on doing the movement right and forget about the music, or the feeling of the dance. Which is of course the most important, and most enjoyable part.
When I dance with a veil, I can forget about technique, I don't think about "getting it right". I just move around the room, floating, somehow my hands know what to do, they listen to the music, and this help the rest of my body to move accordingly. And if in doubt, I can always hide behind my veil. I love it!


  1. Did all kinds of danceclasses in the past but I never did one in belly-dancing, but especially with a veil I imagine you really can feel very sexy.

    Thanks for your comment. I also made some styrofoam balls with shells for decoration in the window. A little extra inspiration for you shell collection

    Have a day filled with wonders.

  2. I popped over here from your comment about labels and writing... and this made me smile, thinking about labels and veils... :-) With a veil on, you can 'just dance' without needing to think about geting it right. I think taking off the label of writer is a bit like putting on a veil... I can do as a please then, without fear of needing to get it right.

  3. I used to take bellydancing classes when I lived in NYC and I absolutely LOVED them. I have some DVDs now, but they're not the same as real live instruction, and they're more of a workout kind.

    Anyway, keep at it and keep us posted on how you're doing. Enjoy!


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