Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Mosaic

Have you heard of this photo project? Earth Mosaic wants to "record a day in the life of our planet, in pictures". If you want to take part, you need to take a photo wherever you are on Wednesday, 22nd. You then upload it on the website, and they'll create a mosaic of the Earth, trying to place the photos as close to the location in the map as possible . There is also a Flickr group where people have started uploading photos of their corners of the world (although only photos taken on the 22nd would make it to the mosaic).

I'm trying to decide what part of Oxford I want to show. I could take photos of one of the colleges, the students going to classes, people cycling... but that's the Oxford everyone knows. I love some of the small streets at the back of the colleges, or the parks around the city, the meadow behind my office, the boats at the side.
There are also some interesting neighborhoods, far from the University buildings. Cowley is the multicultural Oxford, Jericho has some hidden coffee shops and pubs, and there is a shark in the roof of one of the houses in Headington!

Photo from here. Even though I lived round the corner from the shark for over a year, I somehow never got round to take a photo of it!

Where would you be taking photos from?

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  1. i've been pondering where to take my picture. sadly, i know of no sharks on the roof anywhere, but that does make me think i should look for something memorable. there must be something somewhere in this country...


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