Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back from...

The lovely Lake District. Impressive landscape and pretty lakes, but, above all, amazing corners of beauty and tranquility.

... a great place to go on a day long bike ride, stop numerous times to take photos and then have lunch in a proper English pub looking over the valley.

We also visited family (it's more fun now that there are babies!)

... attended a somehow unusual, but lovely, wedding...

... ate lots of Easter chocolate, reread a book that I love, read another one that I didn't like, had several English teas (discovered that fruit cake and cheese are a surprisingly good combination), spent more time than I wanted to inside the car and watched TV (I don't have one, but I discovered a show that I'm going to be watching on the Internet from now on: Homemade home).

All in all, a good Easter break!


  1. Hola ;-)
    You have a lovely blog! ANF it looks like you had a nice easter vacation too! I love reading too and look forward to reading more of your blogs!

  2. What a beautiful photograph of the baby. Love the movement. Such a cute little one!

  3. I love Lake District - I was there some time around Easter in 2005. Lake District is SUCH a beautiful place.

    Love your blog - I came by here from MPC :-)

  4. Tulsa, we can compare notes on books! Welcome!
    Yes, I love the picture of Amelia (the baby), I had just discovered color accent in my camera!
    Sherry! Welcome, glad you found me from Julie's blog! I LOVED the Lake District, I'm planning on coming back very soon!


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