Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When objects talk to you

Can you be in love with a shop? I think I'm in love with these jewellery pieces from the Pia Jewellery catalogue. They are not only beautifully simple but remind us to dream, laugh and follow our hearts, all advice that I definitely need to start following. Is that a good enough excuse to buy these pieces?


  1. oh I love this range, always hang on to their little catalogue for a while (even bought something once)
    maybe you could leave some open pages lying around as a hint to someone?

  2. these are very cool, but you cannot talk about stuff to buy right after talking about not buying stuff!!! i'm far too weak for that!!

  3. I know, I'm not really going to buy them. It feels good not to give in to temptation! But I still like to look at pretty things! You can do it, J, be strong!


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