Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Inspired by book covers

More book covers inspiration! Of course, yellow was going to make an appearance on my favourites. You've probably heard of people organizing their bookshelves by colour. As much as I like the idea (colour coordination is VERY important to me!), I could never do it. With the amount of books that I have I could never find anything if they were organized by colour (yes, they are organized by fiction and non ficition, and then by author, since you ask).

Aquí hay otra colección de mis portadas favoritas. Por supuesto, tenía que hacer un póster en amarillo, dado que es el color del año. Probablemente, habréis oído de gente que organiza sus estanterías por el color de los libros. Me encanta la idea (la coordinación de colores es MUY importante para mi), pero nunca podría llevarla a la práctica. Con todos los libros que tengo, si los organizara por colores, nunca podría encontrar nada (vale, ya que queréis saberlo, os diré que los tengo organizados en ficción y no ficción, y después por autor).


  1. I agree - always liked that idea.
    But you're right - how would you find anything?

  2. my sister-in-law has organized her books by color and while it looks great, you're absolutely right, you can't find a thing.

    mine are also organized by fiction (further subdivided into russians, eastern europeans, beach reads (which i try to hide on a dark, up high shelf) and all others), non-fiction (subdivided by evolution, sociology, lit crit, theory) and then alphabetical by author. it's one of my few neat/organized obsessions.

    your yellows are beautiful! :-)

  3. Oh, I often buys books by the cover alone, and somehow often also ends up with amazing reading experience throught that, I love that!

    I'll admit I don't have much of order in my shelves, only in the order of thrillers and non-thrillers basically. I should do something about that I guess, but I'd never colour co-ordinate them. That sounds plain... weird, when it comes to books.

    I love those two middle covers of yours, gorgeous.

  4. What lemony goodness. I under-appreciate yellow, and you've just made me fall in love with it!

  5. @ Pia, I know, I think it's weird too
    @ Bee, I never used to like yellow much, but now I love it. I wonder why?


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