Monday, March 23, 2009

If you buy one thing...

Have you seen Giselle's photos for the Elle and RED campaign? The photos have appeared in 30 editions of Elle magazine to promote RED's work against AIDS in Africa. The slogan is "If you buy one thing this month, buy (RED)." I'm not buying anything at the moment, but if I were, these Converse would be mine:


  1. i so admire your vow not to buy anything. i wonder if i could do it? you must be buying food, and gas for the car, but did you just rule out everything else?

    sabin wants new converse, i wonder if we can find those. see, i'm already thinking of buying something...

    p.s. did you buy that magazine? ;-)

  2. I'm buying food of course (and eating out, so that's not good!). I don't have a car, so that one is easy!
    Actually, I thought I'd struggle not buying clothes but, as long as I don't get into Zara, I don't even think about it!
    Magazines are my weakness, yes, I bought this one and Elle decoration in the last couple of months! But actually, that's quite an achievement, considering I used to get around 5 a month!
    Still feeling proud of myself, despite some failures! :)


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