Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome the other me

Some of you would have realized that I was maintaining two blogs (actually, it's four blogs, but that's another story). I was struggling to update both of them, but, most importantly, I was also struggling to remember why I ever thought I needed that many. Oh, I know there was a reason that made perfect sense at the beginning. But no more. Some of those things, and Cuttings on a blog, especially, seemed to have lost their initial reason to exist. I was beginning to feel a bit schizophrenic, and worse, dishonest, about having both. Initially, Some of those things was going to be more serious, I wanted to post about my favourite things and those included books and films. Cuttings on a blog would be more visual, lighter, and more fun! So I'd be talking about the film The Class there, and about Confessions of a Shopaholic here. Because, yes, I saw both and enjoyed both.
I'm a gemini, you see, and although I'm not sure I believe in horoscopes, I definitely see two sides of myself. There is one, who reads (or tries to read) the right books and watches the right films, and the other one, who reads Vogue and every other fashion and lifestyle magazine that Borders stocks, as well as being interested in fashion, and other beautiful things, and who can be quite silly.
I like this about myself, but over the years, some of my friends have struggled with it. Depending on where or how I'd meet them, they would be surprised, confused and almost annoyed when they saw a glimpse of the other me. And so, in many ways, I got used to compartmentalize myself. Of course, my real friends know both sides of me (in fact, all sides of me!) and simply think I'm crazy. So, welcome to crazy me! If you scroll down, you'd find new post, the ones that I posted in Some of those things, and that I managed to import into Cuttings on a blog (for once, Blogger was very helpful!) a mix of everything that I like and inspires me, from serious books to silly films, because I'm made of all and some those things.
You can also find the Spanish me aquĆ­.

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  1. Hello 'other B'
    Blogger helpful?
    That is a refreshing change! :)


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