Sunday, November 2, 2008

What blogging means to me

I have seen several posts on what blogging means lately. You can read what blogging means to Secrets of a butterfly and follow the links that her post inspired. Reading them, I realized that blogging was also part of ‘Some of those things’ I really enjoy. And I discovered it very recently!
I thought about starting a blog at the end of my year off work. Almost a year ago, I took a year off to travel around South America with my boyfriend. South America had always been my dreamland. Getting to know, for real, the cities and places I have dreamed so much about has been an incredible experience. Everything I hoped for, new experiences I had never imagined, and much more.
Towards the end of the year, though, we started thinking a lot about coming back. About what we wanted to do next and what we had learned. I have changed this year. I have new plans and new ideas on how to shape my life. I want a simpler life with fewer commitments and more time to do what I really want. More time for creativity. More time to pursue my real passion, writing. And that’s where blogging came in. I started blogging as a commitment to keep writing. Not trying to write the perfect novel, the perfect story, just writing … for now.
As always, I’ve probably ended up doing too much. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to have a blog in English or Spanish. Sometimes I write in one, sometimes in the other. So I now have Some of those things in English and Blanca en la la luna in Spanish. The style is completely different and it has been amazing to see how using a different language changes my writing.
There were other things I wanted to do. I want to be more ecological, I want to help others. Volunteering in Ecuador has really inspired me to do more things for others, and has also taught me that good intentions are not enough, you need to be organized and think carefully about why and how you are going to help. But the main thing I have learnt is that small things make a big difference. And so I started a blog called Together we’ll save the world. It’s an optimistic blog, about all those small things that we are all already doing to help, be it volunteering, or recycling.
Finally, I wanted to explore my creative side, not only in my writing, but in small craft projects, in my collages and cuttings collections. So I created Cuttings on a blog, where I list things I like, things that inspire me, and where, in the future, I’ll post my drawings and collages.
It may seem like a lot, but so far, I’m loving it. I have discovered a whole new world in blogs. Creative people with interesting ideas and beautiful images. A community based on sharing ideas, projects, and experiences. A world of learning and discovering. New things. Old ideas that you have forgotten. A whole new world of possibilities.
That’s what blogging means to me. A commitment to my new life.


  1. your ambitions are admirable !
    I wish I had half your energy !
    I like your new blog !

  2. Yes, but I drive myself crazy with all the energy! ;) I need to be doing something... always!


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