Monday, November 24, 2008

Old Hollywood Musicals

I have my parents to blame for this. I remember cozy evenings, the whole family watching a movie, and my father, annoyingly explaining the meaning of every scene and the biographies of a director or an actor. Old Hollywood musicals were the family’s favorites. The ones we all loved, without exception. My personal favourites were (and are) Singing in the Rain and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, which we watched again, and again. I LOVE the later and it always reminds me of Christmas (wait, there is an explanation), as for years, they would show this movie late on New Year’s Eve in the Spanish Public TV channel. They don’t do it anymore, but every time I watch it, it takes me back to old New Year’s Eves.

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  1. Oh yes ! those two definitely in my top ten - Seven Brides etc may just have the edge :)


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