Friday, June 5, 2009

Small details

We're back from the lovely Cotswolds town of Woodstock, not to be confused with Californian Woodstock, this one is not as hippy. We've spent a relaxing two days celebrating the boyfriend's birthday. He's turning 29 so of course, doesn't get my whole "I"m turning 30" crisis. He's still in his twenties after all. And, yes, my own birthday is in a week and a half, so we're both Geminis, plenty of drama and multiple personalities in this relationship!

While there, we had plenty of fun with our new camera, which we are carrying EVERYWHERE with us at the moment. Last week, in an attempt to overcome the frustrated state I was in, I gathered some friends from work who are also interested in photography. We're going to choose a topic every month and go on a lunch expedition taking photos. This month, the topic is small details and, while on Woodstock, we were trying to focus on these small details too. These are some of my favourite:

My new favourite shoes. They are yellow! This is my new profile photo, have you noticed?


  1. Oh i want to go with you! sounds like a great idea! happy day b!

  2. Lovely photos - and those yellow shoes are FAB!

  3. Great photos! I love the idea of a photo group and the theme you chose this month. I think that sometimes focusing on the little details helps you find the little pleasures in life and who doesn't want to do that?

  4. a few days in the cotswolds is SO restorative, isn't it?

    wonderful photos.

  5. Yellow rules!
    Nikon rules!
    V. Nice B x

  6. Heeeeey, your plate is getting full too! LOL Why do we keep starting new things? BECAUSE they are FUN!
    I love these pictures and your shoes are soooo cute!
    all the best!

  7. Love the photos and the fantastic yellow shoes!

  8. what a great idea with lunch time photo sessions! and an intersting theme to work with :-)

  9. When the words won't come, the images flow. Is it too cliché to say a picture speaks a thousand words?

    I find that looking for the details makes you slow down and breathe a little easier, don't you. I have been following the progress of my blooming peonies all week long to discover that raindrops and ants are behind the magic in their spectacular arrival. Nice.

    wv: plogr: lazy, procrastinating blogger

  10. Ahhh the Cotswalds... wonderful!!! love the pictures, can't wait to see more!!! I did some myself at the weekend that I am very proud of!!
    muchos besos Ali

  11. small details! I love it - noticing those little bits is my favorite part of carrying my camera around. Can't wait for more...

  12. @ Jane, you can come and visit for our photography group anytime, I'll come to Vitoria too!
    @ Angeltreats, Thanks! I love my yellow shoes!
    @ Alexandra, you're right, it's very important to stop and look at the small details
    @ SAS, I love the Cotswolds, and of course, I'd love to live there
    @ Jan, Yellow and Nikon totally rule!
    @ Tulsa, I know, I think I'm doing too much but I don't want to give up anything!
    @ Seaside Girl, Thanks!
    @ Kristina, I'm really enjoying the topic. It makes you look at things differently!
    @ Cindy, you'll have to show us those peonies
    @ McGillicutty, I'd like to see those photos
    @ Lynette, Thanks!
    @ Kathleen, I love carrying my camera around and taking photos of everything. I'll be posting some more soon!

  13. I love your yellow shoes, they are the perfect addition to a summer wardrobe and make a get blog profile too.


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