Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blog camp is real

The people behind the blogs

They are real. Julie's house is real (and amazing!). We are in Denmark, for real! And Blog Camp is REALLY hapenning. It still seems amazing that we are all here blogging together, twitting together, taking photos together. And soon, we'll be on video together. Do come and visit us at Blog Camp.


  1. What a great continuation of your birthday, B! Keep posting those photos.

  2. hoorah, you are real, you are not just figments of your imaginations! Are you twittering and blogging to each other whilst sitting in the same room? Are there enough laptops to go around?! How are the logistics working, need more detail!

  3. From what I am seeing here, this must be even more amazing than you imagined--for real! What a fantastic way to step into your voyage of your 30's--an adventure with new friends!

    It is soggy here while bloggy there. Although much on tap for the weekend, the rain is allowing me some extra time to follow the exploits of blog camp. Keep the photos and stories coming!

  4. It looks gret and sounds great. Enjoy making new friends over bottles of wine.

  5. Girls just wanna have fun
    (they just wanna) ! x

  6. una de mis amigas del blog también está metida en eso...pero va en serio?

  7. There is something just so META about all of this.

    BTW, who was standing behind to take this great picture?


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