Monday, June 29, 2009

Random me

Since blog camp, I've been finding it a bit hard to blog. I think it's the realization that, as Polly said, there are, indeed, real people behind the blogs. People who will like what I write, or won't, who may understand or not, who are sometimes in a receptive good mood, or in a silly negative one. I know what you're thinking, this is silly, because, of course I kind of knew all this before. Maybe, but now it's real.

So, to ease me back into it, I'll start with some randomness about me, me, me! Ali tagged me on the 7 things meme, so I have to tell you 7 random things about myself. Here they are:

1. I don't cook. Like never. I really wished I could cook, I wished I found it relaxing, I wish I was patient enough to do properly. I love to entertain, I love to create a home wherever I am. But cooking is the one thing I won't do. I'd, basically, rather use my time for other things. Lucky for me, boyfriend cooks and enjoys it! He even makes his own bread!

2. I have a collection of mugs from most of the places I've been to and I buy a new one in every place I visit. I can't remember how this started but I now have a huge collection. Most of them are at my parents, waiting for me to get a house where they can live permanently.

3. I look much younger than I really am. Sometimes people still ask for my ID when I try to buy alcohol or get into a club! And I AM 30! Although, as people have been saying since I started complaining about it, this would be a good thing when I turn 40!

4. I'm also quite short. But I decided long time ago that this was "cute" and got over it.

5. I love eating bread on its own. As a child, I could eat a whole baguette before we sat down for lunch, and my Mum had to buy two every day.

6. I used to be able to read more than one book at once without getting confused... but no more. I have to stick to two maximum, and even that gets confusing at times.

7. I don't have a TV. I know most of you know this already, but RWP (Real World People) get so surprised when they learn this, that I thought I'd throw it in here.


  1. I like my tv with the dvr. I do not like to just sit down and surf channels anymore. With the dvr, there is a show ready for me which I love that I can skip commercials. Very nice.

    May I suggest that you make your font a little bigger.

  2. hey b
    is so good to cook but also is amazing have someone to cook for us!!!
    and tv? i couldn't live without!!

    great week for you!!


  3. I like to cook, but only when I'm in the mood, which isn't very often. luckily during the summer husband takes over and grills a lot.
    I have way too many tvs but there are only a couple shows I like. when husband isn't home I don't watch...

  4. hehe, if we lived together we could effectively go on a diet!
    I cook (because I have to) but I am so not good at it!
    Sometimes I get lucky but oooooh, how I wish I didn't have to! LOL

  5. Thank you! It's wonderful to learn little details about the real person. Also, we have many things in common, except for the mug collection. But I "collect" (ie indulge) pottery and glass things, which are stored away ... awaiting for my own future house!

  6. I'm with you, I don't cook either (bet you're glad 1.5 isn't being held at Chez Spud...we'd be eating bread for 3 days....!) so MrSpud does it.

    I like these little collections of things about people, it's a quick insight which works really well (ie without having to dress up in daft outfits and write a massive script!!) x

  7. I know what you mean about post-blog-camp blog-block. I'm trying to fight it. I decided to just write and not think about audience otherwise I'll stop altogether!

    I had no idea you can't cook, somehow you seem to me like someone who could make a delicious paella in half hour - and that's a very good thing.

    I like your list, I feel like I know you even better now. Have a nice day.

  8. Like the other commenters, I enjoy these tiny windows into the lives and souls of blogging friends. I find your post bc block fascinating. I would have expected the opposite effect, but now I understand how you could feel this way.

    And I'm so on the no-cooking bandwagon, although I do enjoy making pasta sauces and baking banana bread.

  9. B - you have to stay with your beloved forever - or you'll starve!:)
    But I totally understand - I have the same problem.
    Also - similarly afflicted on the lack of height issue.
    When you say short though, how short are we talking ? Can't tell anything from your BC photos.
    No matter - you're right - short is cute.
    Have a good week - RWP Jan

  10. @ Hit 40, I watch my favourite series on Internet now. It's the surfing channels that it's a waste of time! Is the font very small on your browser? It looks OK in mine! Anyone else has the same problem?

    @ Cris, having someone cooking for us is the best thing! You'd be surprised how little you'd miss your TV!

    @ RxBambi, I'm normally only in the mood for cooking at Xmas, when I make Xmas cookies

    @ Tulsa, I fear we'd end up eating take aways every day! Not good for our diets! :)

    @ Francesca, I'd love to see your "collection"!

    @ Spud, this little glimpses are good, but full on, prop included posts are great too!

    @ Polly, sorry, no paellas likely to come from me! I'm full of surprises, eh?

    @ TFM, banana bread! I love it!

    @ Jan, I'll stay with him... and not only because he cooks! You are NOT RWP, you have a blog and therefore exist online!

  11. Girrrllll I have a collection of mugs too, I stopped for a while and have recently decided to start again! I love it when I have a cup of coffee and remember the place on the mug!!! The girls love it too 'cos they ask about the story behind my trip. Great minds.... besos.. Ali.

  12. I also like to eat bread on its own! In fact, a lot of the times that's the only way I eat it. Especially if it's a baguette, yummie...

  13. hey b- love your list. don´t get me started on the wonders of bread... have a happy week! besos!

  14. How funny! Ali also collects mugs and Jelica and Jane like bread on its own! I must tell my Mum that I'm not the only one!

  15. I like the Random B (and judging from the many comments, think many others do, too!). Isn't if funny how much we reveal when we keep it simple? I have to cook, but others share in the chore. Bread is more than a staple here...

  16. Yes, I could live without tv. I admit I would miss the cooking shows.
    PS: Yum @ bread.

  17. We have a lot in common - namely, the mug thing, bread, no TV (I have one but don't watch it).

    But! I love to cook. Although every-day dinner can be dull.

  18. Bread on its own - yes! But it's got to be fresher than fresh :D

  19. Hi B! I love mugs and I'm crazy for bread too!! And if you come in Italy I'll cook something good for you! Wonderful boyfriend who prepare his own bread... the fresh one is sooooo tasty!
    Have a great week :)

  20. B these are some interesting facts. I laughed at the mug collect as I too have my own collection happening because people keep buying them for me. I take them to work and I don’t need to was a mug for a week just keep getting a new one each time I want a drink.

    TV is over rated your not missing much.

  21. I am in total sync with you on everything but the TV. I am sadly addicted to TV. But you could have been describing me other than that. YAY!

  22. oh no, blog camp wasn't supposed to make you not wanna blog! quite the opposite, in fact! what did we do wrong?

    it does always help with a random list tho', i'm a firm believer in that. :-)

    and i so love that you don't have a t.v. we have to get rid of the t.v. it's just taking up so much room....

  23. p.s. don't change your font. not for anyone.

    yup, read the comments after i made mine. again.

  24. Looking younger is a good thing as we get older. Not having a TV is another good thing- so I say you have a very happy and nice list. xoxo

  25. Lovely to know something personal about u.. although I thought you would make wonderful dishes in a jiffy...

    I am short too.. and although I made peace with that, still wish sometimes I was tall...


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