Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Simple things, happy things

Yesterday, I spoke about small details and today, it's all about the simple things that make us happy. Christina, over at Soul Aperture, invited us all to make a list.

This is my simple list of things that make me happy:

  • An entire afternoon spent browsing a bookshop
  • Having a whole day to do nothing but read a book
  • Reading other people's blogs and thinking: "That's exactly how I feel!"
  • Coffee in the morning
  • A hug and a kiss from my boyfriend, that's when I love him the most
  • Slow Saturday mornings
  • Sunny weekends when I can go out and play
  • Rainy weekends when I can stay in and read or make things
  • My new camera and the photos I'm taking with it
  • The excitement of starting a new project

What would you put in your list?


  1. I love it that coffee comes before boyfriend (although I realize that in no specific order is implied).
    Have a really happy day! I think I'm off to do this too.

  2. Ext, coffee would be at the very top of the list if this was in order! :)

  3. That's what I thought, but I didn't want to say it outright... ;o)

  4. Coffee will be definitely on my list. And Saturday mornings. This is a perfect list for a day like today, I need to make one otherwise the depression caused by tube strike and rain will take over.

  5. I like how each of your thoughts seem to be emotions captured in time; love and desire stemming from the simplest of things. Do you think you might explode if you found yourself one rainy Saturday morning in a library with your bf drinking coffee while pixelating shelves of your favorite titles? Maybe the cool thing about simplicity is the complexity of feelings it conjures...

  6. Would it be wrong if I just post your list on my blog??? (modifying boyfriend to husband)

    Isn't it amazing how we all love so many of the same things?

    I'm off to make my list!

  7. The Fragrant Muse took the words write out of my All I would do is probably add "browse a CD shop" after "browsing a bookstore"!

  8. @ Polly, do make a mental happy list while you wait for the bus, all my London friends are complaning about the strike!

    @ Cindy, you are right, they are all happy little moments suspended on time. And, yes, I think I'll defintely explode if that hapenned!

    @ The Fragrant Muse and Tulsa, we should get together to have a perfect happy day! No arguments over what to do! :)

  9. I love your list.
    It makes me happy too :)
    I love #3.

  10. "Sunny weekends when I can go out and play"

    "Rainy weekends when I can stay in and read or make things"

    Me too! I will take either one ; ) That's life! Beautiful, simple life.

    Thank you, sweetheart. Thank you for sharing and playing along.

  11. i'm so with you on these! i'd also have tuesday dinners on my list - i'm meeting each tuesday with some friends to cook and eat and chat. i like it best when everybody's trickling in and we are in the kitchen, chopping greens or fruit, talking about our days and having a glass together.

    p.s.: looking forward to your corner view next week :)

  12. So many sweet sentiments... I echo many...Lovely post! Great to meet you... Happy Day :o)

  13. Now if I didn't know, I know now. YOU LOVE TO READ. LOL

    Can't join this coming together party because I DON'T drink coffee. OOPS!!!

  14. I'm digging your list, B. You are like me, you appreciate sunny and rainy weekend.

  15. Precious moments and so very simple but they really are what makes life such a pleasure. wonderful list.

  16. Great list. My favourite is having all day to read a book. I so get that.

  17. Your no. 1 really resonates with me. A big bookshop with all the books in the world in it, would be a fine thing, wouldn't it?

  18. love your list!!! it has everything, books, blogs, kisses, coffee, camera. the only thing that's missing is wine!

  19. any and every weekend is a good weekend, right? ;)


    love your list.

  20. I would also be adding my new camera and all the wonderful pictures it takes!

  21. I liked your list. Very much. Especially an entire day spent in a bookshop. Oh, yes.

  22. I love afternoons, or days, spent in a bookstore. One of my favorite things to do .. Especially if it includes a coffee shop and soft comfy chairs. :)

  23. I've enjoyed my visit and would like to echo Cyndy's comment - she says it far better than I ever could.

    I'll add the feeling of a job well done even if it was easy.


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