Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Using photography to connect people

Recientemente, me he encontrado con varios proyectos de fotografía en los que se anima al fotógrafo a hacer fotos de desconocidos. Lo más interesante es que además deben charlar con ellos y descurbrir algo sobre ellos. En The thought project (El proyecto del pensamiento), Simon Hoegsberg hizo fotografías de 150 personas en la calle y les preguntó qué estaban pensando justo antes de que les parara. Podéis ver las fotos y los pensamientos (en inglés o alemán) aquí.Por otro lado, 100 strangers (100 desconocidos) es un grupo de flickr que anima a sus miembros a hacer fotos de desconocidos y a charlar con ellos para descubrir algo sobre sus modelos. Podéis ver algunas fotos aquí.

I recently came across two photography projects that encourages photographers to take photos of strangers. The interesting thing is that they also must find out something about them. In The thought project, Simon Hoegsberg photographed 150 people in the street and asked what they were thinking when he stopped them. You can see the photos and the thoughts here.

100 strangers
is a flickr group that encourages members to take photos of people in the street, talk to the subject and find out something about them. You can see some of them here.


  1. interesting notion, but i always take pictures of strangers surreptitiously. it would feel strange to talk to them! :-) have you tried it?

  2. I haven't tried it because I like non posed pictures, where you just catch a very personal moment. But maybe I will, it could be very interesting! I'll probably discover that the person is nothing like I imagined.


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