Monday, February 23, 2009

Sesame Street

Of course, I looooved Sesame Street when I was a child, except I knew it as Barrio Sesamo, which translates as Sesame Neighborhood. Funny, uh? This was huge everywhere and of course, Spain was no exception! But I didn't know until recently that this wasn't a Spanish product. I think it was an episode of Friends, where Phoebe is watching it with little Ben, that made me finally accept it. I think I didn't want to know before, really.
We had all the American characters, but with different names, either translated into Spanish (Cookie Monster was El monstruo de las galletas) or with different Spanish names (Bert and Ernie were Epi and Blas). We also had some local recurring characters! And even though now I'm all for watching the original version of films and TV programmes, and I don't mind subtitles, this is the one thing I don't like in its original English. It feels WRONG! Epi and Blas did not talk like that! I don't want to change my childhood memories of it!
So, anyway, the reason I was thinking about this was this article on CNN about the background of some of the characters. It's pretty surreal.


  1. I can understand why that would feel all wrong for you.
    I empathised with Count Von Count because of his weakness (addiction)
    Ha ha ha !

  2. Jejeje a mí también me encantaba Plaza Sésamo, qué miedo que tengan un significado oculto!! Beto y Enrique siguen siendo de mis personajes favoritos!, aunque por ahí se rumora que en realidad eran una pareja gay jajaj.

  3. i can totally understand that...i think it was similar with the muppet show. i have a german friend who said it was a danish chef rather than a swedish one. now that i live in DK, i find that really funny, but he just thought it was wrong to call it the swedish chef.

    barrio sesamo. that's great. most of the spanish i know, i know from the original one. :-)


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