Friday, February 6, 2009

Chick flick

I'm in the mood for a romantic comedy... or three. This is exactly what I need at the moment. Something to make me laugh and forget the winter, the routine, the stress at work... Being back at work after a year off has been incredibly hard and very, very stressful. So much that it's affecting the rest of my life, and my self-confidence. I need to cheer myself up and I need to get inspiration from fabulous women who have it all... almost.
So I'm really looking forward to the second Sex and the City movie!!!! I cannot wait... but I'll have to, so in the meantime, I'll watch He's just not that into you (remember that Sex and the City episode that then inspired the book and now the movie?) and Confessions of a Shopaholic. I read the Sophie Kinsella's books when I first moved to England. I needed something light and easy to read as my English wasn't that great and this was perfect! They made me laugh so much, and the movie looks as funny.

Me apetece muchísimo ver una comedia romántica... o tres. Es exactamente lo que necesito para olvidarme del invierno, la rutina y el estrés del trabajo. Volver al trabajo después de un año fuera me está resultando mucho más difícil de lo que esperaba y el estrés amenaza con asentarse de nuevo en mi vida, un compañero permanente difícil de espantar. Necesito distraerme y divertirme con algo que no requiera mucho esfuerzo.
Así que tengo muchísimas ganas de ver la segunda película de Sex and the City, que ya está confirmada. Pero, mientras tanto, este mes, veré He's just not that into you y Confessions of a Shopaholic. Los libros en los que se inspira esta última son los primeros que leí cuando llegué a Inglaterra. Necesitaba algo facilito para practicar inglés y elegí esta serie. Me hicieron reir muchísimo y la película espero que tenga el mismo efecto.


  1. I agree. I need a good "Sex in the City" movie right now. I'm a big fan of the Sophia Kinsella series, so hopefully this first movie will be a hit.

    I found your blog through Decor8's comment section. Glad I did:)

  2. I'm glad you did too! I really can't wait to see the sequel to Sex and the city!

  3. claro que es duro despues de un año de vacaciones!!!!!! pero despues del primer mes todo serámas facil. ANIMO

  4. Oh B - just be yourself and you will feel confident.
    You have every reason to be !
    I understand it must be hard though after taking a year off (treasure those memories.)

  5. Thanks, Jan. I try! I have good and bad days, and I'm sure it'd be better when spring comes, winter never helps!


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