Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Like so many others in the blogesphere, I'm trying to consume less, starting with a month of not buying anything. If I'm tempted, I'll watch this video again and I know I'll change my mind straight away. To watch and know where your possessions come from, click here.


  1. a month of not buying that's an IDEA i like (not sure i would actually like it in practice). perhaps i'll try...right after i go and get that half price kitchen-aid espresso red to match my fridge. i'm weak, i know!!!

  2. p.s. you might imagine that i don't dare to watch the video at the moment, i'm a little afraid it will talk me down from the fabulous espresso machine...

  3. It will surely do... maybe watch it after, :) I found it very interesting! Hold on! You have a RED fridge? Fantastic!


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