Thursday, February 12, 2009

Girls like boys

She's so beautiful... and she makes the boy look seem so easy. I'm not convinced about the shoes, I think it's taking it a bit too far, but love the overall effect.

Esta chica tan guapa hace que el estilo chico parezca tan fácil... No me convencen los zapatos, pero me encanta el efecto de todo el conjunto.

Photo @ The Sartorialist


  1. Hi!!
    Funnily enough I have a pair of shoes like that!! But yes, you're right I wouldn't dare wear them witht the same outfit!! Nope!!

  2. How funny! :) I think they make it a bit too much in this case. I like little touches of the boy look. But she does look beautiful and hey, it got her into The Sartorialist, so, who am I to say anything?

  3. I kinda like the shoes.. it takes the outfit to serious boy levels, but I think it's sexy :)

    Nice blog.. just giving it a read now...


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