Monday, May 18, 2009

Time for everything

Do you know how we are always running around trying to get ahead of time? Getting stressed because there are just not enough hours in the day to finish everything in our to do list? How we never spend a day doing nothing because there is always something to do? Well, this weekend I didn't have to. I woke up on Saturday with a feeling that I had almost forgotten. Something that I hadn't felt since I was a child. The knowledge that there is, indeed, time, that we don't need to rush, that at least once in a while we can stop and look around, take in the beauty of being here and doing nothing else. Magically, the two days of my weekend seemed to stretch so that I had time to do a lot of nothing and enough time to do everything that was on my list.
And so, magazines were read and cut, books were finished, the fabric for my dressmaking project was cut, meals were prepared (with my help; this almost never happens, the boyfriend cooks. I know, I'm lucky), naps were taken, photos were selected for my Mood postcards, new blogs were discovered... there was even some time to write in my journal.
I wish I knew where that feeling came from, and what it was that made me feel relaxed and productive at the same time. For it doesn't happen often and I know it won't last. Soon I'll be fretting around again, my piles of magazines and books always growing, my lists getting longer and longer.
Maybe it was the intermittent rain that we had all weekend. It relaxed me and made me sit still, listening to the drops. I almost wish it rained every day.


  1. Oh, if only you could bottle that feeling and sell it... I'd buy some for sure.

    How is the dressmaking class going?

  2. B - your weekend sounds like bliss!

    For years I was the person with a full diary, always doing something.

    As i get older, i find i am just interested in being someone :)

  3. weekends like that are just great! wish they rolled around more often...

    (despite my slightly frantic post on sunday i did in the end manage to have that coffee and a deliciously long stroll around the flea market in the sun - so can't really complain... ;))

    have a good start to your week!

  4. B- My weekend was very similar so I'm right there with you. Shutting out the external forces and letting your creativity gently roll out is like medicine. In her book The Nine Modern Day Muses, Jill Badonsky calls this one "Lull", the muse of pause, diversion and gratitude. You can read more here:

    Can't wait to see the dress!

  5. Oh I just love guys who cook! (unfortunately I don't have one)
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

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  7. I also got to enjoy my husband's cooking this weekend but this is more of an exception, usually I'm the one being creative in the kitchen.

    I'm glad you had such a relaxing time.

  8. It has to be the rain.. I love it expecially when it's hard for a moment then soft, and I love the way it feels after the rain. This morning has been like that for me, I didn't have to drive wrecklessly because we were early, I obeyed every speed limit and came home to make myself a cup of tea to go with my blogging before I head out to work. I am already dressed and ready to go... WOW.

  9. I just love rainy days, when the windows are slightly cracked and the fresh cool breeze swirls through the rooms. I think it allows us to stop and use our senses, and with our senses turned on who knows what will happen. Hope your week continues to be peaceful.

  10. Waking up with that feeling is incredible!

  11. I know what you mean about the rain... We spend part of every summer on a little island without cars, stores, phones, or tv, and I live for rainy days there. Baking, reading, playing cards, listening to music, making a fire... it's amazing how much there is to do when you let go of the to-do list.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful weekend!

  12. Perhaps it is really all in the mind. Hope that feeling stays with you a while longer.

  13. i feel relaxed and motivated at the same time after reading your post. I have had a very few days like this but I cannot figure out why. I do know you cannot force them. :) Glad you had such a great weekend! I'm sure you deserve it!

  14. it sounds lovely - I'm happy for you :-)

  15. look at all these comments already! can you tell i've been at work all day?

    it sounds like you had a blissful weekend. my saturday was like that, but too much rushing around packing and doing laundry on sunday.

    and you can't say you found new blogs without telling us about them!!

    can't wait to see your MOO cards!


  16. Thanks very much for all your comments! I think we've establish that the rain helped my mood, that I'm lucky to have a boyfriend who cooks, and that none of us knows how to bring out that mood, but quite a lot of us experienced it this weekend.
    And, Julochka, I know! I'll have to tell you about the blogs! I got lazy, which is terrible, but I have a couple of awards to pass on that will go to these new blogs, so we all meet new people.

  17. Wow, you got in "the zone"! That is so cool when it happens. Try to remember that feeling as often as you can! Hope you have a great week too!

  18. Yes, look at all these comments, I can't believe how much I'm missing because they're making me work and I have a smallish mountain of exam papers to correct and little time for blogs!

    And such a great post. And I know exactly what you mean although I am slowly forgetting this feeling, I haven't had a day like this for a while. I love those moments when it's raining outside and the time seems to slow down. I hate the fact that we're rushing all the time in our lives.

    And I'm very curious about the dressmaking project!!! I wish I could sew!!

  19. What a lovely relaxing weekend. Me and the youngest had much the same sort of day on Sunday. I love rainy days. :-)

  20. @ I am Tulsa, Exactly, I was in the zone! I wish I could control it
    @ Polly, I don't really know how to sew yet, strictly speaking, but I'm having fun in the class!
    @ Seaside girl, glad you had a same sort of Sunday!

  21. Me too! I could easily live with rain everyday. It brings me a coziness that can't be found in any other weather. Did you say magazines and books? That's sheer love!


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