Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Randomness and links

I don't normally write random posts, but today my head is full of randomness and more than a bit fuzzy. This may or may not be due to the fact that I haven't had coffee in over 24 hours. I didn't decide not to have it (could never do THAT), but my stomach is telling me that it may be a good idea not to drink coffee for a while, like until tomorrow. And this leads me to the first bit of randomness:

How come I spent a whole year in South America, and didn't get any stomach bugs, while everyone around me was ill, then I come back to Europe and I start getting them? So I asked this very important question @ Twitter and I got interesting responses, VEG thinks that it's the Universe telling me to drink more coffee to kill the bugs, Extranjera thinks that the bugs already on my stomach were killing the South American bugs. I, the eternal optimistic, think that it's the Universe telling me to go and live in South America, since I liked it so much.


Which leads me to Twitter (Ha! Not so random after all, there IS a method to my randomness), I've been on it for while but couldn't actually understand the point of it! Suddenly I totally get it! See? I was told Twittering was microblogging, which may sound very exciting but gets boring after a while, specially if you like talking non stop (140 characters is not enough!). But it's actually such a good conversational tool and, when you are following interesting people, they post really good links to lots of good articles and websites. Do you twitter? If you want to follow me, I have a link on my sidebar.


I don't normally miss receiving letters in the mail, I think it's much easier keeping in touch in the age of email and Facebook, but I do miss getting pretty cards and postcards. If you want to start getting postcards from all over the world, join Postcrossing here. I've just joined! I discovered this website because it was tweeted (is that a word?) by Angelthreats. (Ah, Twitter again)

If you are anything like me and the blog camp girls and like to spend your whole day in your pyjamas, but feel bad and lazy when you do, and unfortunately need to eventually get changed when you have to leave the house, then go to this clothes website here. They had me at their name, Pyjama Room and their motto: "comfortable luxury". Is there anything better?


Finally started to properly read The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao for The Hermit Book Club. I'm loving the writing style and specially the humour; the author manages to make everything funny. Even some very tragic things. I'll tell you some more when I'm at least half way through (hopefully I'll have time to read this weekend, as we're discussing it at the end of next week!

If you have a business and are struggling to find a cool name for it, go here. If you don't need a business name, go anyway, because it's so much fun! I quite like Peach Banana Design and Red Parrot Labs.


To end on a lovely note, lovely Lynette from the lovely blog My creative fling, gave me a lovely award. I want to pass on this award to lovely Jan, who writes a beautiful blog called Race of Style. Jan always finds the best things from Britain, tells us all we need to know about Paris Hilton (please, don't stop) and loves Cecil Beaton. Although she's not keen on Twitter. But she's a caring and lovely lady, so she truly deserves a lovely award. Go and visit her!


What randomness is going on in your head at this very minute?


  1. Great links! Thank you.
    I love posts of randomness, sometimes they make for the most interesting ones, and I think Julie's right - they clear your head.
    Have a good weekend, happy reading!

  2. I'm very impressed you survived that long without a coffee, you are very strong indeed...

    I was never very sure of twitter. I will check it out though if you're saying it's good, it must be good.

  3. Sometimes our stomach knows better ... I don't do twitter. The point is: how to find the time?!
    PS Years ago I backpacked throughout South America for months and I never got sick once, in fact, I was at my helthiest!

  4. I love the way you post links in your blog, you have some really good ones!

  5. Twitter is WAY better than Facebook. But you are right, there is something about coming home and finding something in your mail box (besides bills) that is a little thrilling.

    WV: tedisock: Must be something to do with PJ's. I would live in my PJ's if I could, and will do so once I achieve hermitude.

  6. Good Lord, B! If that is a head full of random thoughts, what must go on there when they are polished and in a row? Wonderful post with superb links! Thank you!

    I opened twitter a little while ago but didn't get it. Still don't really, but I'm trying. How do you "invite" people to twitter with you??? I like facebook because I have found many friends from my foreign past who are now back in my life. Okay, here's a question: the other day a massage client left this message on my phone "I'd like to come in next month. Facebook me with some options"
    Facebook me?
    When did facebook become a verb???

  7. Girls, glad you like my random links!

    Mmh! I see Twitter is a controversial topic. I didn't get it for a really long time, and I agree that it can be a waste of time, but it's entertaining and the source of very interesting information. Some of my blogging friends are there and it provides a better tool for conversations.

    @ Polly, you should try it!

    @ The Fragrant Muse, it always amuses me how everything can become a verb in English. You could never do that in Spanish or Italian, could you?

    @ VEG, Yes, Twitter is way better! We are over Facebook... almost!

    @ Francesca, I was at my healthiest in SA too. The truth is that my stomach problems are stress related, of course!

  8. i think facebook became a verb sometime after google did, but before twitter. in fact, it's why my space is can't "my space" someone with the same finesse as you can facebook them or tweet. :-)

    love this random (tho' not so random) list. doesn't it feel good to do these. it's totally cleansing.

  9. Hey B
    love all of this post, but couldn't help focusing on the bit about me!
    You have me totally sussed don't you? But then you have from the beginning (which is a good thing!)
    Thankyou so much for the mention (s)! and LOVELY award.
    I'm truly touched.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Jan, you and your blog truly deserve this lovely award! Enjoy your beginning of the week (as I know that's when your weekend happens)

  11. wow, thanks for the great links - the postcrossing seems cool :-)

  12. I like Twitter so much more than Facebook. i think it's because there's so much more interaction, or it's more instantaneous. i dunno. but i gotta say that since I started blogging, i have tweeted very, very little. must get back to that. i still get messages that new people are following. following what? i haven't said anything! ;)

    but i love the postcrossing thing! i've already requested my first 5addresses to send to! so cool!


  13. Im not on Twitter, but yes FB has made it more efficient to keep in touch. Its a fine line between picking up the phone and sending a note, I think we have to make that effort to keep the conversation going!

    You stopped coffee?? Wow thats a toughie, I quit it for 40 days earlier this year, as I do every year...

  14. @ Janet, you must come back to Twitter :)
    @ SSQuo, you stop coffee for 40 days, for Lent? I could never do that, good for you!

  15. Maybe the life in South America wasn't as stressfull to you than good old Engeland. Stress adds to stomach problems and coffee tells you to slow down.

    How about that for a philosophy???


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