Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coffee and blogs

I have been given an award. It's a very important one. It's got to do with coffee. Specifically, morning coffee. It's definitely my kind of award.
Diet Foodie created this "for those blogs that go well with morning coffee". Blogs and coffee are some of my favourite things to do in the morning, to try to forget that I have to go to work (actually, it's also two things that I do to forget that I AM at work).

Extranjera, who awarded me this honour, added the rule that we have to show our favourite place to have that morning coffee. Here it's mine, in my garden, sipping coffee, reading blogs and having my breakfast cereal (my only attempt all day to eat healthy. I forget my good intentions at around 10 when I have my first snack). I don't have my morning coffee here very often; this is, after all, England, so no tropical weather, specially not in the morning, but this is the place where I like to have it most.

I'd like to see where Lynette and The Fragrant Muse like to have their morning coffee. I won't be adding any more rules to this award. But do feel free to shake it up a little if you fancy.


  1. Gracias!
    I would love to show you where I drink my morning coffee and I will be sure to pass it on.

  2. Thank you B! I drink my coffee in the quietest room in my home - my massage studio! Pictures forthcoming...

  3. I love your morning coffee place! It reminds me of my deck in Heidelberg, which, with the view of the castle, is probably the most perfect coffee place in the world I know!

    And guess what I'd doing now - coffee and blogs to forget that I am actually at work...

  4. I drink my tea or coffee out on the balcony.

  5. ¡Hola B! Thanks for visiting. I´m glad you did because now I have found your blog. P.S. I know pan tumaca is typical from Cataluña- I was having an alsheimer moment- I was hoping no one would realize... Ha!Ha! Un beso-Jane (Your photos are amazing!) Will be back often!


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