Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's the small things...

Amanda over at Sucker for marketing published 6 unimportant things that make her happy and invited us all to play along. So here it's my list!

Weekday mornings: Now, hear me out, not that I'm crazy to go to work, but I've come to cherish the time in the mornings before I go to work. I've got into the habit of getting up an hour earlier than I need to and so I'm normally the first one up. I love getting down to the kitchen, putting the kettle on, having the first coffee of the morning (one of many), and sitting down with my coffee and my journal or my Mac, to think, write, or read.

Home made fruit smoothies: They make me feel good and healthy and they are so, so yummy!

Borders: I love the Borders in Oxford. I should probably tell you that the concept of a bookshop where you can browse, pick up books or magazines, sit down with them (and a coffee), and just relax and enjoy is completely alien in Spain. I literally could not believe it the first time that I got into Borders when I moved here 8 years ago. It's still my favourite place, although I should probably not go so often, specially when I'm trying to think before I buy.

Friends, the TV series: I know what you are thinking. It may not be the best TV program in the history of TV, but a good episode of Friends never, ever fails to put me in a good mood. In fact, J has learnt that when I'm having "one of those days", he only has to suggest we watch an episode to make me happier.

Blogging: Why? Real people ask me (that's people not in the blogosphere). Let me see: I've made new friends, there's going to be a blog camp, and we're starting a book club. In blogs I find lots of inspiration, laughs, beautiful photos, crazy ideas, random facts... and all, without leaving the house.

My pink wellington boots! which are not really pink, but anyway...

What small things make you happy?


  1. Yeah I get to be the first comment!! I love this idea and will put something on my page.
    P.S. Hubby just told me that my new found interest in blogging is a natural progression for me, he thinks it's like a giant gossip world looking into the lives of others!!! He doesn't know what the heck he's talking about!!! and that's why I love him.

  2. :: Making french press coffee in the morning, pouring it into a thermos, and having a piping hot cup later in the day. I love knowing that a mini escape is waiting for me...

    :: Having too many books for the shelves. There are piles wedged on top of the neat stacks, but there is a definite organizational system. The fiction is in alphabetical order by author's last name, and there are also non-fiction, poetry, anthology, mystery, and scifi sections, not to mention the young adult bookcase and all the kids' books. My favorite shelf is the "to-read" one in my bedroom.

    :: Getting friendly, knowing looks from strangers when I'm negotiating with my strong-willed kids. So much better than the disdainful looks...

    :: Ice cream. What's not to love?

    Thanks for the list and the prompt, B!

  3. Little things that make me happy:

    at least one day a week I spend my lunch hour wandering thru the bookstore & maybe grab a coffee or tea on my way out and back to work (with books in my hands too).

    a phone call from my granddaughter - 2 1/2 years old.

    out of the blue, hearing an old song on the radio that brings back a special memory.

    getting a magazine in the mail.

    finding my husband already made my coffee in the morning when i get up. all i have to do is push a button.

  4. something just for you:

  5. My boyfriend makes me happy, but he's not really a small thing. My dog is, though, and he (Oliver) makes me happy. My new nephew who is about 8 months old. My laptop (much smaller than the desktop computer)...and books (lots of them). I love pretty fabrics, I don't sew well but I do love fabrics.

  6. I love reading the things that make you happy, B! Mornings before the crush of the day are quietly magical aren't they? Anticipating fresh steaming coffee and new blog posts!

  7. I love your list! Thanks for sharing. Here are my 6 Unimportant Things:

    * Blogging: because it's encouraging to know that people appreciate the things you have to say and the beauty you see in the world. And I've met friends all over the world who inspire me to think and broaden my mind. I've lived in 7 U.S. states in the last 8 years. Now that I've found a place to set roots, connecting with people around the world helps satiate my wanderlust.

    * Reconnecting with old acquaintances from my past via social networking sites like Facebook & MySpace. I genuinely appreciated the role those people played in my life along the way and I would have completely lost touch with them if all we had to rely on was snail mail.

    * Catalogs. I know I should "go green" and cancel all of my catalogs, but there is something about the glossy, beautiful images of things I could surround myself with if I really wanted to. It soothes me.

    * My nose ring. I've had for 8 years now. The first time I looked in the mirror after I got it done, I thought, "That's what was missing!" And now that I'm a mom just shy of driving a mini-van, it makes me feel kind of tough and less soccer-mom-ish.

    * Editing photos. I have such a respect for photographers who are super technical and through the use of lenses and lighting and skill can make a photo look amazing with a single click of their finger. But I love just pointing and shooting. Then taking a "so-so" or a "nice" photo and making it "art".

    * National Public Radio. NPR rocks my world. I feel smarter each day, because without fail, I learn something every time I listen. What a wonderful thing!

  8. Thanks for playing! It's so much fun reading about your favourite things. I see most of us love blogging, books and coffee.

  9. i love friends too and usually have it on when i'm making dinner (there are two back-to-back episodes every day at that time). right now, they're really early ones...lots of smelly cat and chandler is really skinny.

    and i love my wellies too.

    and coffee.

    and blogging.

    but not getting up early and certainly not getting up an extra hour early! :-)

  10. Early morning. That just translates into coffee so well that I scoff at you listing it as an unimportant thing. Same goes for blogging.
    Scoff, scoff (maybe if you scoff you actually only do it once, since it is not the same as cough, cough... hmmm).
    Anyhoodles, I object!

  11. @ Extranjera, I accept your objection. I just meant unimportant as in I could live without them... mmh, don't think that's true either. Maybe I meant unimportant, as in less important in the big scheme of things, like wars, and stuff! No?

    @ Julochka, my getting up early only happens on weekdays, but I make the most of lazy mornings at weekends!

  12. I love Friends. I can quote. I'm reliving series 6 these days

    I love coffee.

    I love blogging...

    looks like we'll get on really well!

  13. Polly, I'm convinced we'll get on well! Otherwise, it'll be a miserable flight to Denmark... and back! ;)

  14. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I am always looking for a new job (actually a career), but I'm in NW Minnesota because my bf is from here, born here, won't leave here and seriously, the jobs, pay, housing sucks. I'm always looking, but I feel like I keept hitting a brick wall. It's very disturbing.

  15. I only just got a chance to catch up with your list but you have lots of good stuff on it. I like friends too...and coffee...and early mornings (but only if I'm going off on a walk or something). Other things are cooking with the sun coming into the kitchen; reading a novel somewhere other than on the train during the day and knowing that there is a multi-pack of crisps in the cupboard.

  16. hey b-great list! we have a lot in common.:) happy weekend!

  17. tv shows have the power to to change a mood and friends will always work for me. Some are still new to me as we were without tv for about 4 years when we lived in Colorado....

    of course coffee


    could have taken the list out of my head it is so similar to my own

  18. Hey girls! Nice to see you agree with my list! Luckily it's things we can all have, because I don't own them (except my pink wellies, they are mine!)

  19. I just made a post similar to this, it seems a thought on the minds of many! I love the simple pleasures in life, like a hot cup of tea in the morning, and feeling the warmth of the sun as I sit on my porcxh swing.

  20. Kissing my dog's foreheads, smoothie and popcorn while watching a dvd, sleeping in dark, dark rooms.

  21. When I am making/someone is making a makeshift bed getting ready to watch a movie, and the pillows and clean sheet is placed on it. Ahhh! love it :)

    And fries and kethup

    Lick from a dog!

    The sun being out

    FInding a song I have been humming for a while...the list goes on


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