Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sisterhood in the blogosphere

A while ago I got this lovely award from Mrs Rotty, and I've been meaning to pass it on.
I have to nominate at least 5 blogs with great attitude and/or gratitude. I'm nominating the lovely ladies who are coming to blog camp, because I do think that their blogs reflect the right attitude, with witty posts, sense of humour, clever social commentary and just the right amount of craziness, and because I think blog camp is the perfect example of the great things that can happen in the blogosphere, and a sign of true sisterhood. So for you ladies, no need to pass it on, just enjoy!
Julochka, from moments of perfect clarity
Extranjera, from What will I ever do with my life?
Polly, from Sotto Voce
Seaside Stories
Kristina, from Vigdis et al.
And, finally Lynette, from Wheatlands News, who is not coming to Denmark, but is organizing a Blog Camp: South Africa.


  1. I get the distinct impression you're going to blog camp B!
    Could that sign be any brighter?

  2. we are just so cool! :-) i totally second this award too all these great peeps/weeps/beeps. :-) (except me, it's kinda not in good taste to award oneself.)

  3. @ Jan, yes, I'm going... despite my fears! It'll be great!
    @ Julochka, we ARE cool, I'm including myself :)

  4. I totally nominate myself. Have no shame.


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