Friday, January 1, 2010

A meaningful 2010

So, after looking back at 2009 here and in my previous post, what's left for 2010? Surprisingly, not resolutions (if you don't count the ones that I'm keeping from last year), but a single word that will hopefully carry me through the year.

The truth is that I've been having problems expressing exactly what I want to accomplish in 2010. I guess it feels like such an important year (probably, because I'll be getting married in August!), and it's a bit overwhelming. And so I have started multiple resolutions lists, both as drafts in this blog and in my journal, but none of them felt right. Until a single word popped into my head and I realized that it really encapsulated what I want 2010 to be: Meaningful.

Now, I've seen people around the blogosphere choosing their own words at the beginning of the year. I think it all started with Ali Edwards who has chosen a word for each year since 2007. Last month, Christine Kane hosted a Word of the Year month in her blog, in which several people revealed what their word for 2010 was.

But I really wasn't looking for a word myself. However, once it came into my head, I knew that I should use it instead of a list of resolutions this year. Because meaningful really is what all the thoughts in my head are about. It's not about spending less time online, it's about making the time I do spend here meaningful, visiting inspiring places, connecting with creative souls and not just jumping from one website to the other. It's not about buying less, it's about thinking carefully about what I need and want, and buying only those things that will make me happy for a long time. It's not about reading all the books in all the lists of books to read before you die, it's about reading those that mean something because they teach me something, or simply make me laugh, if that's what I need. It's not about going through an uncluttering phase and getting rid of stuff, it's about keeping and living with those things that are beautiful, useful or special. And it's definitely not about organizing a party for our wedding, it's about creating a day that is special for us, our families and friends and that we'll remember for ever.

It's about living a meaningful life, savouring each moment, reflecting on each decision. Giving meaning to every day.


  1. love this word!
    i just found christine kane today via susannah's blog. how brilliant is she?
    so looking forward to seeing what develops for you this year :)

  2. gorgeous word - I've chosen journey.

  3. You've made a great start - this post was meaningful !
    I think I'll go with Positivity !
    p.s. I think I speak for other readers when I say we hope to share in your wedding plans this year
    - exciting !
    Happy Jan 1st ! xxx

  4. this is really insightful. I've been thinking about ways to make my time more meaningful.
    Happy new year!

  5. this is a beautiful post b.
    happy new year!

  6. I loved this post. The best New Years post I've read!

  7. A word, a year, just one moment for one hole year.

  8. Happy New Year, B! What an exciting one it will be for you with the wedding (and for all of us who get to follow your MEANINGFUL adventures)!

    Thanks for sharing this word idea. I have given this some serious thought and came up with BETTER. Although I think my life is in a really good place right now, there is always room for improvement. If I could just take all that I do and make it a little better, 2010 will be a phenomenal year.

    wv: phinkeer. I really like this word and am going to play with it. I see photo, ink and the suffix "eer" which implies doing something (like engineer, pioneer). Yet it sounds like "thinker." Yes, I think I am going to be known as a phinkeer from now on...

  9. Dear B, happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely Christmas in Spain...

    I love that word, meaningful, it's very powerful. In fact, when I saw the one-word idea somewhere in the blogosphere my first reaction was also for the 2010 to be... hmmm... meaningful. I'm still thinking about it because, of course, I wouldn't want to repeat your idea, but I'm sure I can come up with my own version of "meaningful"

    I look forward to catching up very soon. In the meantime, try to stay warm...

  10. That one word really does center everything.

    There's something really exciting about knowing a person from the get-go of a year. This year, I will get to watch your progress/process from the very beginning!

  11. This really speaks to me, thank you.

  12. Well said! Hope your year is very meaningful. Wishing you all the best to come in 2010!

  13. thanks for always pointing me toward such *meaningful* ideas - it's too easy to focus on absolute resolutions, but this post really captures the shades of gray... I'll be thinking about my word!

  14. very beautiful and meaningful post. i think more people could use this word in their lives. i know i will be incorporating it into mine.


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