Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back

I love the days between Christmas and New Year. A slow time to recover from the Christmas excesses. A quiet time to reflect on the year that has almost passed. An exciting time to dream about what's to come. And, yes, a time for resolutions. I love resolutions, thinking about what I want to achieve in the months to come and what I want to concentrate on. I enjoy sitting down and spending some time making plans for the year ahead. I always start looking back at the resolutions made the previous year, because my new resolutions normally evolve from those. I also think about those resolutions I didn't keep and reflect on why and whether I want to try again this year or maybe it's time to let go of something I'm not really meant to do. This year, as I told you about all my resolutions for 2009 in the blog, it was a lot easier to look back. A year ago, I promised that I would:
  • Write more: I'm feeling a bit bittersweet about this one, the resolution that appears in my list every year (and that must mean something). I've written more often, I've started several short stories, I've thought about plots and topics for potential books... but I don't feel I've done as much as I hoped. I certainly haven't managed to write every day, and I still haven't finished any of my stories. During the year, however, I took a writing class for the first time and went on a writing retreat, I collaborated with Discounderwold, and I definitely step out of my comfort zone with my writing. So, for next year, I want to continue challenging myself and I'll come up with specific targets for my writing (I'm thinking at least a short story and a non-fiction article every month), and I'll be trying again to write something every day.
  • Take more photos: I feel I've achieved this one. At the beginning of the year I knew I enjoyed taking photos but I really didn't know much about photography. My blog camp girls, and specially Julie and Kristina with their passion, and Spud with her Camera Club have inspired me to think more about photography as art, composition, and even aperture! I definitely want to continue with this one, and I have several ideas for fun photography projects for 2010. I've also decided to participate in the 365 photo project that Julie has started in Flickr. I know it's going to be challenging, but I'm looking forward to it! Also, I got a a Diana F + for Christmas and I can't wait to start playing with it! The boyfriend and I are going on a photography expedition this weekend!
  • Decorate my own house: This is a difficult one. Yes, I bought a house, but I bought it in the wrong country! My boyfriend and I bought a flat in Spain and spent the week before Christmas getting it ready to rent it out in the New Year. So, yes, I'm proud to own my first house, and I enjoyed trying to make the most of it on a budget, but I haven't been decorating the house for myself and it was a bit sad knowing that we won't be able to enjoy living there any time soon.
  • Would do more crafts, specially sewing and knitting: I'm not sure about this one... I certainly tried and learned how to sew a bag, a purse, a skirt... I took a course on bookbinding and loved it and I've been trying to do more things with my hands. But I think I was pushing myself too much with this one, and I'm going to relax a little bit. I want to continue learning and experimenting, but I need to realize that not everything I make would be perfect, specially not the first time that I attempt something!
Uff, do you think that was too much? There was also the reading challenge that I didn't keep, the think before you buy challenge that I loved, my vow to not read the news, and a lot of thinking about my 5 rules for life, which can be considered resolutions for life.

What's left for 2010? Stay tuned... :)


  1. Lots of thoughtful reflection and great goals for 2010 there B! May it be everything you're hoping for. Happy new year! xx

  2. I'll be staying tuned.
    Try stopping me !
    Happy Happy New Year B ! xxx

  3. oh yeah those 5 rules for life should be laminated :)
    wishing you lots of happiness, fun and love for 2010!

  4. warm wishes b! hope that 2010 brings you much joy, love, peace, and creativity. un beso muy gordo! jane

  5. oh, oh !!! wish you all and the best for 2010 !!! Bonne année à toi !! Bises

  6. i rarely make resolutions but instead make little tweaks throughout the year so i don't get disappointed with myself. it looks as if you did a good job on getting it all started in a direction you want to be going - good luck on your continuing journey!

    happy 2010.

  7. I'll stay tuned. In the meantime I wish you and Jon a very, very happy 2010. May all your wishes and your resolutions come true in the new year.

  8. a very happy new year to you! you will have a beautiful 2010!

  9. I'll stay tuned, a know this is a special new year for you! Your writing resolution (one short story and one article a month) sounds very ambitious, and a good goal to aim at. I think what you write about experimenting, and not expecting perfection is right on, and probably true of every skill one learns, the key thing is not to get discouraged! Wish you much happiness in the new year, B!

  10. i too failed my reading challenge..i as supposed to read dangerously and here at the end of the year, all i've done is reread books i've already read.

    i think you did just fine on the other things...and what about blog camp, that was a big step in 2009. :-)

    i'd love to see how you decorated the apartment!

    see you soon!

  11. I, too, love the week between Christmas and New Year. The planning, prep, and stress are over and the only thing to do is visit, eat, relax, eat, play with the kids' toys, eat...

  12. B, this was a really thought-provoking post for me. You know, about the only thing that I really did during the week between Xmas and New Year's was hang out with my family. I didn't cook (much), or get on my computer (hardly at all) . . . but I did lots of puzzles and watched lots of movies with my kids. I think that balance in life is always so difficult to achieve, and I KNOW that I am constantly struggling to balance my need for accomplishments with my desire to just enjoy moments.


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