Friday, December 11, 2009

This year... and the next!

Hello, hello! Well, look at that! It's almost Christmas... Can I use that as an excuse for not having blogged in three weeks? No? How about my engagement? No? Surely, if I tell you that the wedding planning has started you'll understand why I haven't had much time...

I know, all lame excuses! But I'm here now. I'm here to stay. How could I not when there are so many friends reading and congratulating us in our engagement! Thank you so much to everyone who commented in my post. It's amazing to think about this bloggy community of ours, where we make new friends that then share with us so many important moments.

Yes, I'm in a reflective mood, as always at the end of a year.  I've been thinking back to what this 2009 has been like. I keep referring to 2009 as a "bad year", but that actually couldn't be further from the truth. It didn't start well, it's true. We came back from our amazing trip in South America at the end of 2008, and so 2009 was the year we came back to rainy England, the year we went back to work, the year Jon and I missed the freedom of traveling, spending time together, visiting amazing places, making new friends and doing something for others...

But of course, 2009 was also the year I turned 30 and had an amazing party, started to take blogging more seriously, made new friends and participated in the very first Blog Camp (as well as the version 2.1 in England, and we're planning the third one for January 2010). This was the year I bought my first property with my boyfriend (now fiance!), the year I got a new, much better job, and of course, the year I got engaged. Not bad, right?

So what's left for 2010? First of all, a wedding! We are planing to get married next summer. It's going to be exciting! And stressful! How do you plan a wedding in a little over six months and in a country different to the one you live in? We're about to find out! I'll try not to make this blog a wedding blog but I'll be showing you some of our ideas from time to time, if  you don't mind.

And a honeymoon! We're not planning anything extravagant, just a beautiful place where we can relax and be together. For the first time when planning a trip, our priority is not to see and do as much as we can, but to spend time doing nothing together. Any ideas for wonderful locations in Europe? Not Spain or England, please!


  1. Oh, I am SO, SO, SO happy for you. I loved getting married and being married and love hearing about others joy with the process. Again, congrats!

  2. All in all that wasn't a bad year at all for you B.
    Looking forward to hearing about your wedding plans (no excuses, you have to blog them - well some of them)
    Enjoy your weekend ! x

  3. So good to read how happy you are. Congratulations again. This was a good year and next year will be even better.
    Have fun while you plan your wedding, it is a once in a lifetime event.

    To you and your lovely financé I say: have a great weekend and enjoy each other.

  4. How about a Mediterranean cruise? that way you can visit all sorts of cool stuff, can sleep in the same bed all week, you wont have to get outta bed if you don't want to, drink all day and eat all night, etc etc.

  5. Your year sounds pretty amazing to me. A year with lots of beginnings. And so much to look forward to in the new year! Places on my list in Europe: Sicily, Portugal, France, Croatia, Greece; in the Mediterranean: Istambul and Turkey. How exciting,can't wait to learn all of your plans!

  6. Qué bonito!! me despiertas felicidad y todo :)

    Pues yo sitios conozco pocos, pero si quieres relajarte y disfrutar un poco de una vida calmada y además te gusta la montaña, los Alpes italianos o Suiza están muy bien y tienen un ambiente muy diferente al de aquí.No he estado en Austria, pero todo el mundo me dice que es muy bonita, además, hacen ballet y conciertos todas las semanas en Viena :)

    Tu año ha sido alucinante, más sorpresas imposible y más proyectos empezados tampoco. Tienes un montón de oportunidades para cambiar aquello que no te guste y disfrutar de lo que más te atraiga.
    Además, estoy muy feliz de que te tomes más en serio el blog, así tengo alguien que me hace caso y que me hace reír con sus posts :)
    Muchos besos!

  7. Congrats! I think that your year sounds good actually- and if we focus on the good things that is what we notice.

  8. how exciting to plan a wedding - I know it will be beautiful. congratulations.

  9. hi b! i´ve missed you. i so don´t mind if you want to talk weddings. happy happy!

  10. Very beautiful 2009 year !!! and 2010 will be much better again !!! I wish you all the best ; )

  11. Not so bad 2009 and hope a great 2010.
    Places to get lost and have a great time of relax...Toscana in Italy, islands in Croatia, Provence in France, Summer cottage in lake distric in Finland....Madeira in Portugal....

  12. you've had a brilliant year :)

    my honeymoon recommendation would be greece. check out for places to stay

  13. thats lovely that you can look back on the year and see have so many nice memories! here's to 2010 and the wedding.

  14. I wonder if you will look back and think of this as one of the MAJOR years of your life.


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