Tuesday, January 12, 2010


3:365, originally uploaded by ByBlanca.

Words haven't been flowing easily lately. I've been quiet, both here and offline. I've also been moving more slowly, and doing less of everything. It's almost as if my body and my mind need to hibernate for the winter, or at least take a rest.
And for once, I'm not fighting it. If there is something I learnt during the past of year of writing, observing, reflecting, recording my thoughts in this blog, experimenting with writing and art journaling, etc. is that I need to allow myself to go through these quiet, still phases.
It's difficult and frustrating at times. My to do list is not getting any easy to manage, but all I can do at the moment is to keep adding things to it, so that when the next phase starts, and I'm full of energy, I can put it to good use. And it's going to happen. I know it. So I'm just waiting.


  1. Mmmm,la alegría me llena de ver que soy el primer comentario de tus post jajajaja
    Muhas veces hago como que odio ese tipo de fases pero en realidad es porque todo el mundo se queja y acabo sucumbiendo a la opinión coelctiva.
    La verdad es que me gustan porque me llevan a estados diferentes y nuevos, siento que maduro un poquito. Y últimamente mi vida se completa más por ese tipo de fases que por cualquier otra cosa, así que sí, probablemente el invierno me calle un poco y calle todo a mi alrededor.

    Muchos, muchos besos!
    P.D.:la autora de an education no me puede recordar más a la idea que tengo de ti!

  2. I totally know how you feel. I blame it on the weather. I have to learn to let go too...

  3. Same here, B. Lists are getting longer but inspiration is nowhere to be found. And I haven't written a blog post in a month!

  4. i´m feeling the same way. i´m just too cold to do anything... take your time- we´ll be here :) besos!

  5. Taking time for yourself is the best thing you can do. At some point your energy is totally fuelled up, inspiration is found everywhere and that to do list is done in no time.

    That picture is really made at a beautiful place, too bad it is winter now.

    See you friday.

    (My word verification is chivia. chi= energy, via= road)

  6. Lovely photo - don't even think about trying to fight it.
    This freezing weather practically paralyses me.
    BUT - it will come to end eventually!

  7. Me too, Carissima, me too. It's the natural rhythm and flow of life and smart you is listening.

  8. Good for you for letting your mind and body lead you to where you need to be. I agree -- it will change soon enough, take advantage while you can.

  9. I like how you're approaching this phase, B. Not fighting it, but going with it. It'd call it peaceful, and not hibernating. Have a good day!

  10. Enjoy this approaching phase, fill the battery with energy and don´t worry about the time of begining...it will come without noticing.

  11. i've found almost all 'ah ha' moments come when you step away. g
    lad you're allowing yourself to take a break and not forcing anything!

  12. Good for you for "going with it". Looking forward to spring here in ME. Be at peace.

  13. I completely know how you feel! I'm understanding more than ever why animals hibernate for the winter. I think you've got just the right attitude - just enjoy some quiet and some down time. I'm sure your energy will return with gusto. What is helping me is eating well (as much as possible!) and getting fresh air outdoors when the weather allows (not easy). Stay well! xx

  14. amazing photos and words i can relate too.
    enjoy these moments.


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