Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I really love my hometown. It's one of the most beautiful and friendly cities I know. It's full of nice independent coffee shops and great tapas restaurants. There are historical buildings everywhere you look, and a story in every corner.

Even The Independent UK thinks so.


  1. I so enjoyed viewing that B - especially given the weather here today !

    So different to my hometown.

    How could you ever leave ?

  2. I totally agree with the comment above. Still, if I were to see "seductive Salamanca", I'd like to do it with you!

  3. Oh, we should organize a blogging meeting in Salamanca, then, Francesca! :)

  4. i totally agree! lucky you! besos!

  5. Todos o casi todos amamos nuestras ciudades por encima de las demás :)

    Por cierto, sabes qué libro me ha regalado mi madre para Navidad?
    An Education (está en inglés)
    yo esque no me lo creo lo de este blog, eres pitonisa o qué? jajajaj
    muchos besitos


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