Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our wedding invitations

I've been dying to show you our wedding invitations, and now that most of our guests have seen them, here they are! If you remember, the stationery was one of those things that we decided from the beginning were very important to us. J is a designer so we always knew he'd design something for the occasion. I was in charge of the text and of course there were several discussions during the process on whether words or design are more important!

We started with the colour red and the idea to reflect the wedding venue. As we're getting married in a beautiful old castle we used the medieval theme throughout the invitations, with the stamp on the envelopes or the icon of a knight proposing to his lady (probably not very historically accurate, I know!). We also wanted the invitations to be fun and hopefully reflect that we want our day to be relaxed and not too formal.

We included a card with the basic details (what, who, when, where) and  another one with information on getting there and accommodation. We also designed single postcards for our RSVPs. Finding a printers was the most difficult part. There isn't really that much out there for those who want to design everything from scratch and not use a template or buy designed ones, but luckily we found a good printers in Oxford that did the whole thing for us.

We are really happy by how they've turned out and it's been really good fun giving them to people. And that's one thing ticked off the list!


  1. Lovely! Such a special design...such a special couple! xx

  2. Fantastic, totally your own invitation. Congratulations on one succesful part ticked off.

    Have fun with the other ones.


  3. They look truly unique! And a medieval castle in Spain sounds quite special!

  4. you have a gorgeous wedding invitations card on your blog. Thanks for sharing with us and please keep it up.

  5. B, these are such lovely invitations - I've been showing ours off and bragging that we're going to a wedding in a castle in Spain. Did you know the phrases "building castles in Spain" used to mean "daydreaming", sadly I don't think it's used much now but I saw it in an book, Good Wives, the sequel to Little Women I think. Excited for the wedding, hope we see you before that though
    R XX

  6. These are gorgeous. I LOVE the knight and lady on the front!!!

  7. Beautiful invitations! I love the red - it was the theme color of our wedding so it has extra sentimental value for me.:)

  8. oh honey, they are beautiful! i so want to hold one, in my hand. how lucky are your guest! : ) i am getting so excited, for the two of you!

  9. Me encantan, el diseño es impresionante y os ha quedado muy bonito. No sabía que te casabas en Salamanca!
    Por cierto, he estado de viaje y nos quedamos un día allí, es muy bonita y tiene mucha vitalidad...aunque quizás el astronauta eclipse la restauración de la catedral :)
    Pues la verdad es q vi 2 días en París cuando la estrenaron en el cine, así que veré las otras dos que me ha dicho ibb.
    Me encantan tus consejillos (¿de abuela? ¡yo creo que no!), además porque me hace muchísima gracia tu trabajo.
    Por el momento tengo clarísimo que haré bellas artes y luego ya veremos.
    Aisss muchisimas gracias por pasarte, como siempre te las doy, y por dejarme esos consejillos que para mí son muy valiosos.
    Muchos besos

  10. It seems so right that your invitations are red. I love the way they reflect your creativity, passion and partnership . . . a very good start!

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