Thursday, June 24, 2010

No longer 30...

Remember my 12 months of being 30 series?  A year has passed since I started it and I turned 31 last week! I'm obviously getting used to being in my 30s, as I didn't feel the need to talk about my birthday incessantly this time. I had a great day but definitely more low key than last year's. I wonder if this is what being mature is like?

I didn't manage to write 12 posts for the series, but I guess that's also a sign of what this year was like for me. Busy and full of new challenges. I started a new job that has proven interesting but challenging, I got a flat in my home town in Spain, I attended three Blog Camps and met blog campers that soon turned into friends. I did more creative things that I can even remember doing, including art journaling, jewlery making, collaging, and sewing, and I enjoyed writing and taking photos.

And of course I got engaged and started organizing a wedding! 

It has been a wonderful year in many respects but it has also been difficult at times, and very, very tiring. I had to take a blog break because it was all becoming too much, but I'm slowly getting back and things seem to be slowing down in most fronts. At the moment, I'm trying to prepare myself for the madness that is surely about to start in the wedding front.

But in the meantime, I'm dreaming of beautiful and long summer days filled with books, photographs, flowers and walks in the beach. And plenty of time to think, to see, to love.

1. Print laundry I, 2. Larkspur Blues, 3. mini books, 4. Untitled, 5. ., 6. pale tulips, 7. Pretty days, 8. Untitled, 9. A la orilla del mar, 10. Colors, 11. rainy Tuesday (7), 12. *, 13. Love is in the air, 14. Always in my dreams, 15. Weekend is for rest, 16. Semana 3. Palabras/ Week 3. Words


  1. Oh no I can't believe I missed your birthday!!! I'm feeling very guilty, it's facebook's fault, I didn't get a reminder.

    I found myself thinking about that last year too and came to similar conclusion, that although I planned a lot and frustratingly ended up not doing half of what I planned I still did a lot of other often unplanned things and they were really great... so I guess the way to go is relax and enjoy life! Plus it does sound like you did an afwul lot last year even if it means that you didn't write your 12 posts...

    Great photo collage. I look forward to catching up on creative ideas with you on Saturday!!!

  2. LOVEly collage
    Summer seems to be flying by !
    (that's what happens as you get older).

  3. Ah, well happy belated birthday!! it's been quite a year in one way or another xxx

  4. Happy birthday B! This is a big year for you, wish you much happiness!
    I love your collage, how do you find all those pretty photos?

  5. Happy Birthday! I've lost the thread on my 33: triptychs project as well; it seems that the overwhelming excitement of a new age fades a bit as the year goes on... but then another birthday comes along to remind us that there will be a whole year's worth of newness to look forward to. (And for me, 31 outshone 30 in a million ways!)

  6. Happy Birthday, B! Don't be afraid of thirties, they are fun :)

  7. Feliz cumpleaños!
    qué día los cumples? yo el 11!
    Pues si te digo la verdad me alegro de que te hagas mayor porque a ti no se te nota, por lo menos en espíritu.
    He echado un ojo en tu flickr y las fotos son muy bonitas, muy dulces.
    me alegro un montón de que hayas vuelto.

  8. I, too, apologize for missing your birthday! I remember reading your 30 post last year and feeling sort of pleased (in a silly way) that you share a birthday with my daughter . . . who just turned 16, by the way.

    Your year of turning 30 will stand out for MANY reasons. Hope you have some lazy days this summer . . . .

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