Thursday, June 10, 2010

Right now...

It's windy, rainy and dark outside, my head is full of random thoughts, I can't focus on what I'm doing or decide what to do next. It's the perfect time for a bit of randomness...

I'm happy that I saw Beth, Polly and Jelica yesterday. I needed to step away from my daily life and talk blogging, photography, books and creativity. Thanks, girls!

I'm thinking about starting a photography journal, with ideas for shootings and notes on techniques. Do any of you do this? Is it useful?

I'm trying to decide between watching a romantic comedy that I know will disappoint (Letters to Juliet) or a beautiful movie that may require some brain action while watching (Fur, An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus)

I'm frustrated that I've been trying to write a post on learning and photography for three days and I can't seem to convey my thoughts on paper (or screen).

I'm wondering whether the fact that Borders is going to be replaced by a Tesco supermarket is a sign that it's time to leave Oxford. 

I'm happy that I came back to blogging. Each and every one of the comments in my previous post made me SMILE!

I'm sad that I'm missing the next Blog Camp.

I'm thinking where to go next... I've just finished reading Lone traveller, by Anne Mustoe (She was an amazing woman!) and the temptation of leaving it all behind and leave with the boy and our bikes in search of adventures is almost irresistible.

I'm waiting for things to settle, for my to do list to become shorter and for the summer to arrive.

I'm hoping that I can focus and write a proper blog post soon.

What are you doing right now?


  1. I'm also trying to focus, trying to get stuff done. I don't have a photography journal on paper, but I guess I have it in my head :-) I'm always thinking a little bit about photography. sorry about borders! it does sound like a bad trade.
    k xxx

  2. What am I doing right now? Avoiding making dinner, of course! And avoiding going back out and digging out more of these horrible sticker weed vine thingies that have a sudden sprung up all over my garden. We lost our only bookstore right after Christmas. A town without a bookstore is a town without a soul. We're feeling the need to move as well.

  3. Like anyone needs another Tesco!
    What am I doing ?
    Thinking about my next blog post of course.
    Follow your instincts.

  4. Let's see: I am avoiding filling out a lengthy employment application. UGH.

    I have let myself off the hook of writing blog posts tonight . . . and instead am just enjoying catching up with friends. It was so lovely to see you all last night. Doesn't it feel like we already knew Jelica?

    Newbury is also a sadder place without its Borders. AND we have a new Tesco's. Coincidence or Conspiracy? We could all do with less cheap food and more filling books, I think.

  5. "Letters to Juliet" is a predictable but sweet lil romantic comedy. Maybe it won't stimulate your mind but you know, sometimes we need to have romantic comedy nights. Plus, it's like taking a trip to Italy :) Have fun.

  6. right now- i´m just enjoying your post... off to see the film mammoth,,, hugs dear b!

  7. yo creo que eres telépata o algo... porque justo en la misma situación estoy ahora. Vamos a ver, no me van a cambiar el Borders -que no tengo ni idea de lo que es- por un Tesco ni soy tan molona como para empezar a hacer un diario de téncinas fotográficas, peeeeero estoy igual que tú con las cosas que hacer, con mi lugar después de esto.

    En serio que no sé cómo lo haces, pero muchas veces cuando leo tus actualizaciones me da la impresión de que vamos a la vez, muchas veces me pasa lo mismo que a ti.
    Muchos besos, estoy super contenta de que hayas vuelto :)


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