Saturday, July 10, 2010


Remember when summer was a time for fun and rest? Remember when you were a child and summer days felt so long that you didn't know what to do with them?

I can't remember the last time that I allowed myself to do nothing, but this weekend I'm trying to bring back a bit of that summer feeling and I'm doing nothing but watching movies, meeting friends, and resting (and of course I'll watch the Spain-Holland game tomorrow!). I'll leave you with a beautiful video (via the lovely Frolic blog) that will hopefully inspire you to slow down and play as well...

Coeur de Pirate || Comme des enfants from Dare To Care Records on Vimeo.

PS. After watching (and loving) Heartbreaker and listening to Coeur de Pirate, I'm regretting not having paid more attention to my French lessons at school and am dreaming about moving to France soon...


  1. Have fun - I'm backing Spain!

  2. Oh my dear B, you always say the right things. Just yesterday I was wondering what happened to slow lazy days of summer. Seems I'm using the longer days as an excuse to work more! Good for you for making a point to decompress!

  3. Dear B you have to get a hammock. That is nowadays my favorite place to be in the afternoon. A hammock in the shade, overlooking the garden and taking a nap. It is too bloody hot to do anything else, if you ask me.

    May the best team win and ofcourse that will be the Netherlands.

    I say goodbye to with a big smile on my face and I'll see you again when I'm back from the holidays. You know what? By than you are an old married lady. Enjoy your special day.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. I hope this lazy summer feeling stays with you for longer than just this one weekend! You deserve it, especially in this weather.

    I really want to see Hearbreaker, especially now that you saw it and loved it, I must find a cinema in London where they play it, believe it or not, it's not on general release!

  5. I've been thinking the same thought all Summer! Hope your weekend is all you were hoping for.

    I love the Coeur de Pirate video, it puts me in the right frame of mind to do some relaxing after writing an exam for the Biology class I was taking at University.

    I agree with Elizabeth on which team should be winning the World Cup!! Although I'm sure you feel opposite...have fun watching!

  6. Just saw the game. Congrats - a well deserved win!!

  7. Congrats on the win !
    Enjoyed the game - the latter part certainly.
    Forced to admit (publicly) the best team won!

  8. Oh for a lazy English weekend in the sun. It's too hot here for anything... I have been lazy but indoors and that's no fun!!! Enjoy!!

  9. Mis francesas del intercambio me enseñaron a Coeur de Pirate...muy modernos al estilo francés :)
    Qué sufrimiento de partido, madre mía!!
    Aquí hay una fiesta por todos los una pasada. Yo no es que sea especialmente patriótica ni nada de eso, pero el ambientazo y la alegría se agradece!
    Qué tal viviste el partido??
    Por lo demás, me gusta que en otra cosa más vayamos paralelamente aunque sea decisión tuya, porque yo estoy disfrutando así los días de verano, relajándome, pasándolo bien e intentando aguantar el calor!
    Ahora mismo estoy viendo una peli española (un poco malilla) que está ambientada en Oxford!
    Muchos besos

  10. Summer really is for day-dreaming. I read a wonderful essay from Michael Chabon the other day and he was talking about "normal time" -- the way that time felt when you were a kid and there was PLENTY of time to do everything . . . even to be bored.


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