Friday, July 16, 2010

Simple things... for a happy birthday

It's Christina's birthday today and we are giving her simple things as a present. Here are some of mine...

* A day off in the middle of the week

* Going on a date with my fiance: some wine, a fun French movie... just the two of us in the middle of wedding planning craziness.

* Beautiful simple posts by friends

* Dreaming about travelling

* Discovering details of New York through Kristina's camera

* A coffee date with a good friend

* A text message just to say "I'm thinking of you"

* Rain in the evening after a very hot day

* ... And (I had to mention it) Spain winning the World Cup!! I'm still smiling! This couldn't have happened at a better time for Spain, we really needed a reason to celebrate. I celebrated in Oxford with my Spanish friends but here's an account from a Brit in Madrid.

More simple things here and here.


  1. oh thank you so much for linking to me! I could pretty much sign my name under all of your simple things, especially if I were Spanish and had a fiance :) but even though I'm not, I still find your simple things very appealing

    and if the fun French movie is the one that I'm thinking of, then I must say I'm planning to see it next Thursday. it does sound like it'll be fun... and even more so because we can then talk about it over coffee at Beatnik next Saturday. i hope weather behaves!

    have a lovely weekend!

  2. Por supuesto que sabía que eres de Salamanca, como buena fan de tendencia obsesiva de tu blog jajaja
    Me gustan los regalos así de simples, lo que has puesto creo que son justo algunas de esas cositas pequeñas que te dan un respiro y te llevan la sonrisa a la cara.

    Yo también disfruté como pude de la vistoria del mundial, aquí era un no parar, toooodo el día con eso, que si la llegada al aeropuerto, que si el beso de Casillas y Sara Carbonero, que si retransmisión en directo del veredicto del pulpo Paul... a mí como me gusta el fútbol la verdad es q no me importa y me suele hacer gracia, pero a la gente que no le guste tiene que estar hasta el gorro.
    Eso sí, las vistas de mi querido Piqué no me las quita nadie (como buena adolescente en fiebre hormonal alguno me tenía que gustar) :)

    Muchísimos besos y muchisimas gracias también por pasarte, siempre me hace mucha ilusión.

  3. I'm happy that you are enjoying the Spanish victory. I like to think of you and your friends celebrating in Oxford. When I was a teenager, we were in Paris during the World Cup and I still remember how STUNNED I was by the loud, boisterous crowds spilling out of every bar.

    Which French film? That new one with Vanesssa Paradis?

  4. loving text messages are the sweetest.
    nice list here. one love.

  5. this is just lovely! oh my friend, you surprise me.

  6. What a wonderful post - we all love Christina so very much, it is a pleasure to visit every one and meet new friends.

  7. Love your list of simple things. Oh and congratulations on winning the World Cup! I really was kinda sad Holland didn't win, yet that's no reason not to be happy for Spain :)

  8. thanks for your sweet link to me :-)
    k xx


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