Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A (new) meaningful year

Do you remember back in January when I told you I intended for  2010 to be a meaningful year? Well, it hasn't really been working out.

My purpose this year was to find time to get to know myself and what I want. I wanted to make time saying no to some projects so I could concentrate on the ones that are really important to me. I needed to make time to spend with those I love. I needed to stop doing too much and do more of the things that really matter. Instead, the first three months of the year have gone in a blur of wedding planning madness and crazy work hours.

I always see the beginning of Spring as a new start though, and this year, Spring also gives me a second chance to make 2010 meaningful.  I'm concentrating on writing and journaling and on taking photographs that tell a story. I'm loving Susannah's series on How to fall in love with yourself and I'm following her advice. I'm going to take this course, The Handmade Writer,  to get me back into journaling and writing. Because writing is the one thing I always come back to, what I've always wanted to do, what I've always imagined myself doing. So I think it should be a big part of my new meaningful year. 


  1. love the new yellow blog look. :-) and the handmade writer sounds interesting. :-) looking forward to seeing what happens in the soujournals because of it. :-)

  2. i love that you are investing in your writing. because you ARE a writer lovely.

    it's gonna be a big year :)

  3. It's been such a long winter.
    So hard to be motivated.

    Remember though - " Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans " (John Lennon)

    A truism don't you think B ? :)

  4. I'm with you on that, B, all the ideas sound perfect! I'll follow closely and hopefully that way your new creative spirit will bring back mine.

    The course sounds great!

  5. It's been a tough winter, I know a lot of people feel it has passed in a bit of a blur with not a lot to show for it...I certainly do - what is it with work hours going crazy over the winter?! ;)

    It's wonderful that you are doing things to nurture your creative spirit and let it blossom. The Handmade Writer course sounds amazing! xx

  6. Funny, it sounds like it IS a meaningful year so far. Not because of the fact that you've ticked everything off your list, but the awareness of not having done them and what you're learning about yourself. LOVE the new blog look! Did Mr. Wonderful do this for you?

  7. Me ha encantado tu regalo!!!! La foto es tuya?
    eres super detallista; me tienes enamorà jajajajaja
    Pues como siempre, yo espero aue tu anyo sea todo lo a tu quieras que sea y que te lo tomes todo con ese espiritu tan joven y alegre a caracteriza las cosas que haces.
    Muchos bestos desde Paris (donde no hay enye), me estoy pensando currarme un regalo yo tb (cuando m paguen las fallas t lo hago)

  8. Please tell me when you successfully define "meaningful." That's another thing I haven't figured out!

    Writing must be a kind of striving towards it, though.

  9. maybe you won't be able to tell if it was a meaningful year until the end of the year. it's the little things added up that make life meaningful. whatever the case it sounds like you have some great plans in store.

  10. I like the new look - very smart

    For me Spring is the start of the year so resolutions and the such start around now as the year starts to feel more positive - hope your year feels more meaningful soon

  11. i think you should try to make every day a start to a meaningful year;) have just started writing screenplays again in my spare time. they are crap, but i love loosing myself in the writing... you go girl!


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