Monday, March 1, 2010

Missing Spain...

I spent last week in Barcelona on a business trip. It was a week full of meetings, school visits, seminars and work dinners. Interesting, inspirational but truly exhausting.

As it sometimes happens (but not always!), I felt instantly at home and enjoyed every minute of it even though I was working most of the time.

The food, the sun and the people made up for the early starts and the intensive meetings. And how can you not love a city with a bicing scheme (Bici is bike in Spanish)?

I'm now back in Oxford, trying to remember why I live here and plotting how to take the boy (and the job!) to Spain. This will pass... it always does and I'll be happy once again to live in this wonderful city.

It'll take me a little bit to catch up on your blogs, but I'll get there! And the lovely people who are still waiting for my thank you gift, bear with me. I'll send them soon! :)


  1. Come on over and say hi. We have a surprise!

  2. Ah, I am so jealous: I need a Spain fix very badly!

    The sunshine and blue skies are like nectar to my poor S.A.D. soul.

    And those macaroons look delicious...

    R XX

  3. Glad you got your Spain fix. Where is the perfect home? (My perfect home, I think, would be in the Tuscan countryside, 15 minutes away from Florence.)

  4. Argh, I am jealous too! You know, I can't help but wonder if we are in a similar business...although I do not travel out of the country (yet) the lineup of school visits, seminars, meetings etc.. sounds like a day in my life too! LOL
    So...when are you going to travel over here to Japan?!

  5. Barcelona... I've been there every year since I was born! The last time was in 1992... I miss this wonderful city so much!!
    Kisses, chiara

  6. i've wanted to visit spain for a while - thank you for the gorgeous shots.

  7. these photos are just amazing! sigh.

  8. That overwhelming feeling to go home hits me every time I visit, too. But the last few times it has gotten stronger... Sigh.

    The colors in your first picture are really beautiful! I love it.

  9. Eso qué son? como hamburguesitas de colores de chuchería? jajaja son graciosas :)

    Barcelona es muy bonita, y aunque supongo que no debe parecerse mucho a Salamanca, el hecho de estar en España otra vez debe recordarte muchas cosas.
    Últimamente me planteo mucho el hecho de salir fuera a estudiar, pero quiero una carrera primero aquí, donde está lo mío.
    Me tengo que ir asi q no t puedo dejar un comentario extra largo pero yo miro todos los días mi mail para ver si m has contestado jajajaa
    muchos besitos :)

  10. I have never been to Spain, but have always wanted to go. Someday!

  11. I've never seen such intensely colored macaroons!

    Sometimes travelling home can be such a boost. I'm going to be doing it at the end of March.

  12. these are wonderful. p.s. i´m always plotting on ways to move back "home". ;)


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