Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ice skating

With everything going on, I didn't have as much time as I'd wanted to watch the ice skating during the Winter Olympics. I did stay up until 3am on one of the nights I spent in Barcelona watching the ladies semi-finals, but that was it!
I have been trying to find things online and in the process I remembered what is probably my favourite ice skating couple ever! My sister and I watched them every time they were on TV, and trying to pronounce their names provided hours of fun (Ah, being young and silly!). I haven't been able to find many videos of them online. I guess they were around in the pre-Internet boom years (Remember those times?). I did find this short program that I love:

Now that I'm learning ice skating, I've been trying to look at their technique, their posture, their transitions... but I always end up forgetting about it and just enjoying how beautiful this sport is and how easy these two make it look...

PS. I'll be sending Thank you presents next Monday!


  1. QUÉ CAÑA!!! ¿Haces patinaje sobre hielo? madre mía Blanca cada vez me sorpoendes más!
    me tienes muy emocionada con lo del regalo jajaja
    Yo siempre veía las pruebas de las olimpiadas de patinaje con mi madre de pequeña y este año me pegué buenos descansitos en mi sofá viendo las semifinales...en los campeonatos europeos se cayeron todas por lo menos una vez! y la que retransmite la gimnasia (la de toda la vida) estaba indignadísima :)

    Muchos besitos (q rollo d comentario!)

  2. i've watched ladies finals on iplayer last sunday... it was the first time I've watched figure skating in ages and the girl who won was unbelievably good. I'll come watch you skate once you get to that stage :)

    I'm going to miss you on sunday! have a great time!

  3. Woah ! and what a finish.
    Never even tried this & a bit late to start now :)
    Good Luck ( I won't say break a leg)


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