Saturday, August 29, 2009

12 months of being 30

* This post is part of my 12 months of being 30 project, an attempt to record what happens during my 30th year on Earth.

Hello! Do you remember me, dear blog? I know, I know I haven't been around much. To be honest, I haven't been doing anything except working, in case you were thinking I've been having wonderful adventures somewhere exotic.
But here I am! A bit late, but I bring you a selection of the collages I made last month for my 12 months of being 30 project. I'm quickly realizing that my collages for this project seem to be more about what I need than about what I have. Even though I've been busy with work and various other things for weeks, my collages are calm and quiet, inviting me to pace myself and to do nothing.
Do you remember I promised to have a creative summer? Well, I've been making jewelry, sewing tote bags, embellishing my underwear (for real!), writing and making small books; I went to the Latitude festival and wrote about it at the amazing discounderwold magazine; I went to Blog Camp and came back inspired to make my photography better (and Spud is further inspiring me with her online photography club). I've loved doing every single one of these things, but now I'm plain exhausted.
I've been exposed to so many types of inspiration that my brain is full of ideas, projects, plans... Unfortunately, I can't take any of them past the initial drafting stage. It's time to stop, let the ideas settle down and think about which one of these projects I want to pursue right now, which ones I'll reserve for later and which ones are simply crazy ideas not meant to become a reality.
It's time to allow myself some space. To sit down and do nothing for a while. To pace myself. Which is exactly what I'm doing this Bank Holiday weekend.


  1. i'm feeling a need to slow down and reassess as well. it must be in the air. i love this post. it's the kind of post that's worth waiting for, so you shouldn't apologize for not blogging.


  2. I love, love LOVE your collages! Would love to see more. And makes me want to get out my scissors and glue. :)

  3. I had noticed your 'disappearance' of course, but resisted the urge to e-mail you.
    Not that taking time out isn't allowed.
    Have a great long weekend x

  4. While I was reading your post I got an question buzzing in my head. If we all started to honour ourselves with time to take care of who we are, what would the world be like?

    Something to think about on this sunday afternoon.

    Have a relaxed weekend.

  5. Uuff yo llevo un fin de semana de esos de parar y no hacer nada que la verdad es que da gusto!!
    Pasar rato sola,pasear (aprovecha tú que no tienes 40º a la sombra xD),hacer fotos,leer...esas cosas me relajan muhísimo :)
    Tu verano ha sido una pasada,te felicito por saber planear cosas tan interesantes :)
    Muchos besitooooos

  6. Hi B!! Nice to meet you again! I've been away for a quite long time and I missed all of you :) Now it takes a little time to read all of your blog... so don't worry if you don't write! We all need to restart... quietly!
    Hugs xx

  7. i love do nothing for a short while!!

    happy week

  8. I hear you on prioritizing the madness! Lots going on in my head, but fruiation is lacking! I think I am addicted to blog-hopping and finding inspiring things! Yours is one of those inspiring blogs!

  9. Hello. Found you through Janet (Are We There Yet?) and am so happy I did. A real favour she did me.
    What great thoughts and images are in my head now! And what fun posts are here, like chocolates waiting to be unfurled from their lush wrappers.
    Blog Camp?! Wow. Lucky girl.
    Take care!
    Candace in Athens

  10. I've been slowing down all summer and it does become necessary for creative types from time to time. We'd be burned out messes if not. I'd love to learn more about your embellished underwear and the small books you are making. Your collage is indeed calming and it sounds like you are exactly where you need to be now, Miss B! Lovely post.

  11. Considering that I couldn't be in blog camp to hear from your real voice some of you secrets come and visit me! An award is waiting for you... I look forward for your next post :))
    Hugs, xx

  12. your collages are beautiful, and your words as well!
    and the article about you in latest discounderworld is so good!

  13. your collages ARE peaceful and quiet... and let me just say how fun to embellish your panties. giggle.


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