Sunday, August 2, 2009

disco underworld & me

Hello, hello! It's been a while, forgive me! I've been on a staycation: A vacation where you stay home. I've always done and loved doing this, and people used to think I was crazy to waste my holiday staying home. However, this year, because of the recession, it's the cool thing to do and it even has a name!
It's been a busy staycation mind you. For a couple of days, I pretended to be a freelance writer and photographer. I took my laptop, my Nikon and my iPhone, walked around town taking photos and then walked to a nice coffee shop and wrote, wrote wrote. I tell you, it felt really, really good.
And I wasn't only pretending, as I was writing an article for the online magazine Disco Underworld. I wrote a review of the music at Latitude, focusing on music by women. You can now read it in the 10th issue of the magazine, which is dedicated to music. I really loved doing it! The photo on the cover is also mine! And there is more from me coming in the next issue... but I can't tell you anything yet.
If you don't know the magazine and the mastermind behind it, Stacey Childs, go and visit the website and her blog now. I really admire her energy and her endless ideas, she comes up with the most creative ways to promote the magazine!
And talking of women in music, I can't stop listening to Regina Spektor, who we also saw at Latitude and features in my article. She's so cute, I think she's my new woman crush (although I still like Zooey Deschanel). Here's a video of one of my favourite songs, On the radio:

During the rest of the week, I've been doing a course at a local school called Beginning Books, it was a mix of creative writing and paper crafts that I absolutely loved. I'll tell you more about it and show you some photos in my next post. In the meantime, go and read the story and tell me what you think.


  1. Fabulous, I was wondering where you'd been...congratulations. i will look at the new issue now, I have lost all my subscriptions to things like that since my email died. Sob.

    Well done you x

  2. vaction at home are great too!!!

    love the globe!!

    happy week!!

  3. Great article B - lively and informative.
    I presume On The Radio has been getting lots of radio play - songs with Radio in the title usually do !
    Grace Jones 61 ? !

  4. Thank you girls!
    @ Jan, I KNOW!!! I had to recheck that, because I could not believe it!!! But all the sources said she was born on 1948!

  5. There should be a special designation for staycations with a creative component! It must have been really satisfying to get some cool things accomplished.

    Thanks for the Regina Spektor tip!

  6. Sorprendidita me dejas, Blanca, con lo creativa que eres y lo bien que has aprovechado tus vacaciones ;)) Yo quiero asistir a ese festival!!!Enhorabuena por tu review y tus fotos, ES Y SON GENIALES!!!Un besazo enorme, artista!!!

  7. This is so lovely, thank you so much! You make me sounds much more amazing than I really am! I think you are the amazing one!

  8. This sounds great! I think staycation is a brilliant idea and it should be a more popular thing to do nowadays. In my case, I would really do with one. A weekend is not enough to get to know this city.

    You made me really miss doing courses, it's been three months now since I finished mine and I miss having classes. I need to find something to do really soon.

  9. you did a great job with the article! I love Regina Spektor too, the last album is wonderful :-)

  10. I enjoyed listening to the music!! Beautiful voice. I tried the last link to read the magazine article for you. Sorry no luck. A blank white page showed up.

    I am sure the article is fabulous!! Your a great writer.

  11. your staycation sounds super productive! i've just been reading your blanca en la luna blog about how you want to write more. I can identify with that, but its not happening for me, really. Well done for getting down to it, i bet that felt good!

  12. Congratualtions B! I had no idea that you were into music reviews! I read the article, of course, and I must confess I didn't know any of the ladies (ok, with the exception of GJ). Looking forward to your next contribution there!
    PS the stay home and get things done that you otherwise have not chance to do seems a clever way to spend your vacation!

  13. You know what B? I think your staycation sounds fabulous! I actually prefer a staycation most of the time. When else do we have that time to do those things around the house and home that make us so happy? Good for you, and thanks for all the music info.

  14. Oh I like that, Staycation - very cool indeed.

  15. Genial, poder conjugar música, fotos y escribir. Enhorabuena.
    Yo este año me voy a huir un poco lo más lejos posible de casa...luego tengo 15 días en octubre que creo que tendre que usar en unas vacaciones creativas en casa. Me gusta el concepto. simplemente espero poder tener fuerzas para hacerle frente.


  16. I will check the article out. I love staycations!! They are the best!

  17. Loved the article...very well written!


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