Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New projects

Even though one of my New Year's Resolution was to do less, I found myself participating in two new projects at the beginning of the year. And I'm so glad I didn't say No to any of them!

Since the beginning of the year, I've been taking a photo a day for our Blog Camp 365 group on Flickr. Yes, I've found it difficult at times, yes I'm a bit behind adding them to the Flickr pool, and yes, this stressses me out sometimes. But it's all worth it because of everything that I've already learnt so far about photography and about Flickr. Seeing the photos that the others in the group take and choose to post is very inspirational, but it's the comments that are making this project so fun for me. From the beginning, we said that we all wanted constructive criticism as that's the best way to learn, and I'm loving everyone's suggestions on how to improve my photography.
You can see above some of my photos for January. Not all of them are there, as I've been playing with my new Diana + camera too and I need to develop and post those. Stay tuned!

The second project is a journaling project, Sojournal, a collaboration with three amazing ladies: Stacey. Julie and Polly. I truly love these ladies and I'm constantly amazed by their creativity. It all started with Stacey's idea that Writing is the new praying. We have each started a journal and are going to be sending them into the world soon. Initially we'll send them to each other and later, we're planning on including more people who want to be part of the project and start their own journal. The project is still evolving, we have lots of ideas to take it forward and I'm really excited about what we can do. I've posted some of my incomplete pages above (I need to add my own words) but will be posting the complete ones over at the Sojournal blog. Do come and visit!

It just shows that, sometimes, you should just say Yes... even if you struggle for time!


  1. Very interesting projects. The sojournal blog makes perfect sense for you as a writer (I didn't see an entry by you, did I look wrong?), and the photography as a way to learn and improve is something I'm quite interested in myself. But I couldn't commit to one photo a day, how crucial is that?

  2. I know, all these hobbies and projects! Exhausting but then we're not going to go to our graves wishing we'd worked more, watched more TV, cleaned the house more etc!

    Well done on month one of PAD. 11 to go....arghh....


  3. Parece ser que se puede crecer y aprender a todas las edades!
    Creo que ya sobran las alabanzas porque me estoy convirtiendo en una pseudo-maníaca de este blog y esto a largo plazo me hará daño ,además de que mi nivel de pelotismo suele ir en crecimiento jaja.
    Me parece una idea muy interesante lo del journal (que lo pongo en inglés porque no sé exactamnete lo que significa) pero le he echado un vistazo y me ha gustado mucho.Hay mucha creatividad y originalidad en todo lo que haces y me complace saber, en gran parte gracias al mundo blogger, que el mundo está lleno de culturetas y gente con muchas ganas de aprender de sí mismos y de los demás.
    Muchos besos!

  4. It is so hard to get the balance right between too many projects and not enough structure . . . I struggle with that.
    I double-clicked on your pictures to take a closer look. Very nice. Where did you see that The Future Is In The Air picture? Is it a mural or a poster or what?

  5. hey!! a flickr 365 buddy, so glad i found you :))

  6. Interesting flickr project, some great shots
    (liked your future in the air B
    - a lot )
    One a day doesn't sound too difficult, but if you're not feeling inspired - then what ?
    No harm in trying though.

  7. i haven't been able to get over to flickr either...but i've kept up with my PAD.

    it's all i can do to work and get to my blogs that i read

  8. So many of you liked the Future in the Air photo! Thanks! It's a poster and smaller paper scraps on the wall in Portobello Road, in London! One of those lucky moments, when you spot something and happen to have your camera with you!

  9. laméditerraine, me encantan las alabanzas! Espero que no se me suba a la cabeza! El journal es como un diario, aunque no me gusta nada la palabra diario!

  10. Blanca ya está bien de adivinarme los pensamientos jajajajaja
    Pues precisamente coincide que quiero ir a Saint Martins porque la hija de una amiga de mi padre es profesora allí (y este año estrena colección individual en la semana de la moda de Nueva York después de trabajar con Dior, Moschino y Diane von Furstenberg, vamos que esa mujer es la caña)
    Lo de bellas artes lo decidí hará dos o tres días porque nunca se me había pasado por la cabeza, pero mi padre es restaurador de obras de arte y en caso de no tener éxito podría seguir con su empresa además de formarme en muchas cosas (lo bueno que tiene bellas artes es que artísticamente es ocmpletísima) pero bueno ya veré porque con la reforma educativa me lo están poniendo difícil...
    Muchos besos y hazte pitonisa porque me lo adivinas todo!

  11. It is exhausting but good to have a focus and I was actually proud to get to the end of the first month!!! yay.

  12. i love you journal idea. and am digging your 365 project. you go girlfriend!

  13. Good luck on your new adventures and opportunities.

  14. so many interesting things to do! thank you for the inspiration!


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