Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Belly dancing

I haven’t done it in a while and I miss it. I must find the time. Because I LOVE belly dancing! It’s hard, and at times frustrating, but it’s beautiful and so, so worth it when your body finally gets that move (like the camel, difficult one!). Or when a song really inspires you and you find yourself just dancing to the rhythm, improvising without thinking, just dancing. Belly dancing.
I love telling people that I do it, as well, because most of the time I have to explain that belly dancing was traditionally a dance by women for women and men were not allowed to watch, despite what most believe in the Western world. So belly dancing has also been the door to learning and understanding about other cultures. But it’s mainly a way to make me happy.


  1. Yo tampoco tengo tiempo, ademas aqui nadie quiere apuntarse conmigo, superinjusto
    bueno por lo menos en Oxford seguiras teniendo clases de belly belly

  2. Ha, finally figured out how to leave my comment (wish I knew Spanish!) thanks for yours
    Hope you're enjoying your travels -keep dancing !


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