Friday, September 10, 2010

Off to get married...

Before I disappear to get married (Yay!) I thought I'd leave you with some of the inspiration pages from the wedding booklet I've created this year.

First the inspiration for the big event, when we'll be getting married in Spain on 18th September...

We've also organized a picnic brunch the next day for a more relaxing catch up with our friends...

Then we'll go on honeymoon to Santorini, Greece, and then to Barcelona for a friend's wedding (She's getting married two weeks after me)

On our return, we've organized a stylish (I hope!) champagne and cakes party in Oxford for some of our friends who couldn't make it to Spain...

I'll be back with photos and stories (but not too many) of all these events at some point in early October...

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  1. Oh B! With all you have to do you still made time for this creative post. Congratulations honey. The wedding, honeymoon and subsequent vacations sound fabulous. Tanti auguri carissima!

  2. Wishing you both every happiness.
    Enjoy your day(which I'm sure will be brilliant!)
    Much love xxx

  3. Yay! Best wishes to you both.

    Can't wait to see photos after the event - especially of your dress!

  4. Oh my it gonna be fabulous!!! I'm all teary... happy tears!!! you chose a great day to get married (our anniversary is the 19th!).
    Can't wait to hear all about it and I particularly love the brunch idea the next day... inspired!!!
    Good luck and lots of love!!! xxxx

  5. Have a wonderful day!!! It can't go wrong if it's looking anything like your inspiration pages :-)

  6. Where are all the vintage jam jars?! See you in Spain, so excited to be sharing your special day!
    R XX

  7. Babe, that all sounds AMAZING.

    Wishing you and Jon every happiness xxxx

  8. Congratulations and have a beautiful time! Can't wait to hear all about it and see some photos, of course :)

  9. Siempre tienes muchas ideas chulas y al final acabas llevándolas a cabo.
    Eres una artista de la imaginación :)
    Ahora estoy mas o menos cerquita de tu vieja casa, (supongo que aun estaras viviendo en la misma direccion de Oxford)
    Muchos besitos, hay una sorpresa en camino :)

  10. Congratulations!! The next few weeks sound like a dream! xo

  11. woo hoo! have a great time with your new husband! xoxo

  12. Congrats! Wondering, do you still want to do corner view? We are updating the list to people who are participating. Please let me know either way. Thanks so much.

  13. Congratulations! I hope everything went well.

  14. Congratulations!!! Are you back at work?
    I am looking forward to seeing posts about your new chapter in life!
    all the best to you and your husband!

  15. congrats to you, my friend!!!
    i send you love!

  16. Hi Blanca
    Just popping in to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    (p.s. it's early October)


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