Friday, October 2, 2009

Books and magazines (or languages and music)

Hello, welcome to the news edition of Cuttings on a blog!

We're discussing Dreaming in hindi at the Hermit Book Club today! I'm starting the conversation:

Dreaming in Hindi is the story of the author, Katherine Russell Rich, while living in India and learning Hindi for a year. But not really. It's mainly a collection of theories, ideas, and reflections on learning a second language.

Come and visit even if you haven't read the book, as we can have an interesting discussion about learning languages and living in different cultures. At some point in the book, the author mentions a Slovak proverb that has stayed with me: With each new language you acquire a new soul. In my experience, and that of the author of the book,  learning a new language is a window into a different world, and speaking a language can make you into a different person, even without you realizing.

On other news, have you seen Stacey's new venture, Music Sandwich? It's a music magazine with a multicultural angle. For this first issue, I wrote an article about the history of tango and the city of Buenos Aires. Oh, how I miss Buenos Aires... Unfortunately, the photos in the article are not mine, because I managed to lose most of them. There are also articles on jazz, electro music, and my favourite section: Sounds like... where you can discover local bands from all over the world that sound like the ones you already know and like. Have a look!


  1. I love that slovak proverb...I love to be multisoul.
    I think is time to learn one more or to remind the most forgotten...

  2. A ver a ver a ver que me aclare yo...
    cómo es posible que una persona mole tanto?
    jajajaja me encanta eso del Hermit Book Club, si pudiera y tuviera tanto tiempo para leer los libros que yo quisiera en inglés pues me uniría sin dudarlo.
    Viviste en Buenos Aires?
    Me encantan tus entradas de links y cosillas aleatorias, porque como debes saber ya a estas alturas, me trago cualquier cosa que pongas aquí.Y cómo no,pues he visitado casi todas las páginas, he visto el vídeo- que me ha gustado muchísimo, porque estoy enamorada de Roma, pero no he escuchado música- y me he apuntado eso de las notitas autoestima xD
    Me gusta!

    Muchísimos besos y gracias por tener el blog más genial sobre la litosfera!

  3. What a lovely magazine and what a wonderful article! I love watching and listening to would be rather frightful for me to dance but I still love it!

  4. You've been busy! Dreaming in hindi sounded so good ... until I read your review! I'm still curious about the vertical time, and how she argues it differs from the linear concept (in cognitive anthropology there really are only two time time categories: linear and circular) - it's a book that's going to go on my list. PS Should have I left this comment on the other blog?

  5. Sounds like a great book! And I am glad you like the Sounds like part, who did you like the most?

  6. I'ld like to read this book !!! Thanks for the idea and for the links !! Have a sweet week-end !

  7. Enjoyed my bite of the music sandwich - have to accept me learning another language is highly unlikely (sadly).
    Have a good weekend. x

  8. That book is on my to-read list! I'll get to it eventually!

  9. I always, ALWAYS wanted to learn to tango. So I'm off to read your article now.

    Seems like Stacey is the most prolific magazine producer in the world!

  10. this sounds like a good book. i will have to head on over the club, and see what's going on.


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