Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9.09.09: A day for wishes

It's 9.09.09, a day for wishes.
I wish for a happy family, for smiley babies and tired parents
I wish for a simpler life, with fewer things and more fun
I wish for more time to write
I wish for a finished book, for a publishing deal, I wish to one day hold my own book in my hands
I wish for a road trip in North America
I wish for Blog Camp in New Zealand
I wish for my own coffee shop, a relaxed place where people come for coffee while they write, draw and talk. A place to be crafty, to discover and try out new things
I wish for more time, more space and less worries
I wish to keep on learning
I wish to keep on wishing.

What do you wish for?


  1. B, that is lovely! may all your wishes come true!

  2. All of your wishes seem achievable B (if you really want them) - they're not too outlandish.
    I've always like the idea of a fairy godmother who grants three wishes - I'm sure I wouldn't waste them or screw up like they always do in fairytales !
    Having said that - you know the saying 'Be careful what you wish for' (might come true !) x

  3. As B wishes for herself, so I wish for her also!


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  5. As B wishes for herself, I fragrantly and lovingly wish for her as well.

    These are fantastic wishes, B!

  6. I hope to one day have your book on my book shelf here in the great state of Oregon.

    what a great post. i'm going to take your lead and post about it on mine. you always write amazing things.

  7. Your wishes are very sweet and I do hope they all come true. I particularly liked the one about the coffee shop--I love being around coffee and inhaling the smells. Let me know when you open that shop and I'll come to check it out :)

  8. We all have so many wishes and there is only one god...isnt it rather unfair?
    I wish god had many secretaries for carrying out our wishes as quickly as possible. :)

  9. Yo whisho que me sigas leyendo y comentando,que es mi ilusión más grande,y por supuesto que todos tus deseos se hagan realidad,porque si montas el coffee shop me voy de camarera sin pensármelo 2 veces!Y por supuesto si publicas el libro lo hago best seller jajajaja

    La desilusión que me llevé ni te la imaginas cuando me enteré de que cerraban la biblioteca de la playa en Septiembre!Ahora toca ir a la del pueblo y da bastante pereza xD
    No te estreses que la vida es maravillosa tienes un novio muy guay que te regala magdalenas con dibujitos y vives en Oxford que por tus actualizaciones es como la capital de la cultura

  10. I've got wishes aplenty, but right now I'm wishing for a cup of coffee in your shop, holding your book in my hands while planning New Zealand blog camp together!

  11. As B wishes for herself, so I wish for her also!

    I too wish for me to be holding my own book in my hands one day, so maybe we can stop talking about it and actually get our butts, guts and glory and start doing it!

  12. Thank you all for wishing with me! You're the bext blogging friends anyone could have!
    Writing this was actually very powerful and I'm already thinking on small steps I can take to make my wishes a reality!

  13. Lovely wishes B - I hope they all come true for you.

  14. you've already wished the best part of things to wish... I wish to hold my own photographic book (one, two, three... don't put any limitation!), to work with my camera, to keep on meeting interesting people and visiting interesting places... now I must thank for all of you beautiful people I met! ah yes, I wish I can meet you in person, one day!
    Hope all your wishes come true, I hug you :))

  15. Hi sweetie! This looks like a wonderful list. I might have to do one this weekend. I do wish to one day hold published words or pictures of mine, in my hand. : )

  16. Hi B ~ thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing your list! I like it a lot, it's a thoughtful mix of delicious and worthy wishes. Take care, Kerstin

  17. i'm also wishing for a creative coffee shop...hmmm...

    love your list.

  18. Just be happy. The big one wish.

    I had lost you, now find again. That was a wish that become real.

    Keep wishing.

  19. Your own coffee shop? I wish we lived closer!

  20. oh... god, it's too late for me to wishe anything.. Bouhou!!! I wish, i won't forget to have wishes !!!

  21. I wish I could read your post!!! have you changed the format or the font or am I going completely blind???
    I wish I were younger and more pretty and in Oxford!!!

  22. I wish I could do a road trip across north america too. For living here I haven't seen very much of it.

    May all your wishes come true.

  23. i wish for all your wishes to come true.

  24. nice wishes! i wish for some of the travel and write! dreamy...

  25. Helloo! What a super list. I'm not sure what I wish I'm just grateful that bertie's birthday and, especially, his party is over and passed without incident.

    I wish the playroom would tidy itself up. I keep wishing this, never happens.

    I wish my grandad hadn't decided to refuse any more treatment for leukemia. I respect his decision, but I know what the consequences are.

    I wish for a sunny Autumn, with lots of lovely light for photography.

    On which note, have lost a bit of photographic mojo. I wish it would come back.

    I wish I knew whether I shold carry on growing my hair, or crop it short again.

    I wish I could get on with my to do list rather than procrastinating.

    I wish all weekends had 3 days in them

  26. Oh, I adore your wish list. I hope you get lots of what you wish for . . .

    Let's have a coffee shop/bookstore/crafty place/workspace together, shall we?

  27. Blog Camp New Zealand, now your getting closer. Your blog camps seem like such fun to meet other creative fellow bloggers.

  28. I wish for time off. Ahahahahaha.

  29. I do like the sound of the coffee shop. I'd go there (when I'm in town). Also babies ahe...?

    And NZBC, we will do, meeting AirNZ tomorrow and am going to tell them about blog camp too, see if we can swing something there...


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