Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New beginnings

I love those times of the year when we are given a chance to start again. And again.
January, a new year. A whole 12 months to make yourself better now that you are going to start cycling to work, or running in the morning. And, of course, only eating organic food from now on.
March, spring, spring, spring! We have more time for long drinks with friends, organize BBQs and go for long walks on the weekend.
June, summer is here! You can go anywhere you choose and be someone else for a couple of weeks! Or just be a more relaxed you at home!
September, the end of the summer... but the beginning of a new life, where we promise to spend more time outside, cook for those we love, enjoy the evening with a good book... and call mum and sister at least once a week.
We may not actually do all these things, but we do some of them, if only for a while. And most importantly, we dream of who we can be. And that´s the first step.

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